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NMNew Mexico (US postal abbreviation)
NMNautical Mile (6,080 feet)
NMNever Mind
NMNot Meaningful
NMNetwork Module
NMNear Mint
NMNuclear Medicine
NMNo Matter
NMNational Monument (Park Service)
NMNetwork Manager
NMNot Much
NMNetwork Management
NMNature Medicine
NMNorthern Michigan
NMNicki Minaj (musician)
NMNightmare (gaming)
NMNew Millennium (NASA)
NMNight Moves (Tom Clancy novel)
NMNew Moon
NMNo More
NMNo Mercy (wrestling event)
NMNelson Mandela
NMNorthwestern Memorial (Chicago, IL)
NMNational Match (rifle)
NMNot Marked
NMNot Measured
NMNuclear Materials
NMNuestro Mundo (Spanish: Our World; various locations)
NMNew Man
NMNational Merit (scholarship)
NMNiccolo Machiavelli (author)
NMNetMeeting (Microsoft)
NMNet Metering (energy installations)
NMNear Miss
NMNunca Mais (Galician: Not Again, political group)
NMNarcissistic Mother
NMNumerical Method(s)
NMNaval Magazine (US Navy)
NMNeutrophil Migration
NMNegra Modelo (beer)
NMNewton Meter
NMNothing Much
NMNecesita Mejorar (Spanish: Needs Improvement)
NMNotorious Monster (Final Fantasy XI gaming)
NMNewtonian Mechanics
NMNemaline Myopathy
NMNoise Monitoring
NMNice Move (online gaming)
NMNo Migration
NMNet Manager
NMNavigation Module
NMNeighbourhood Management
NMNice Match (online gaming)
NMNo Mark
NMNight Message
NMNoregs Mållag
NMNeomail (Neopets)
NMNational Means
NMNablus Municipality (Palestine)
NMNo Molestar (Marco Antonio Solis CD)
NMNormal Meter
NMNoise Media (band)
NMNoyce and Moore (NM Electronics; pre-Intel Company named for founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore)
NMNeedless Markup
NMNice Moon (card game Hearts)
NMNoites Marcianas (Portuguese Talk Show)
NMNormal Manifold
NMNo Materia (gaming)
NMNonaka Myopathy
NMNitronium Perchlorate
NMNanoKiero Media (Canadian media company)
NMNudist Meeting
NMNon-Overlapping Multi-Carrier
NMNo Message character
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Dodgy landlords who try to shirk their duties and nightmare tenants who refuse to pay - the rental sector can be a dicey business.
The NightWare application operates by tracking, intervening, and processing nightmare events.
Nightmares and Nightmare Disorder have reportedly been linked to increased suicidality, heightened risk of heart disease, diabetes and contributes to cognitive difficulties including memory loss, anxiety, depression and other physical and mental conditions.
| Practise relaxation - before you start working a nightmare it's important to do something to relax as much as possible.
It's officially October, which means it's now socially acceptable to start watching the beloved 1993 stop-motion movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's a good thing there are quite a few October 2018 TV listings for the movie, as well as ways to watch it online.
But not everyone at home was as impressed with Terry's result - with some branding it a 'nightmare' biscuit landscape and others comparing it to Phoebe's horrifying Gladys picture in Friends.
After decades of working as an anthropologist and a shaman, I learned that enlightened seekers--what I call "Luminous Warriors"--know three kinds of waking dreams: the nightmare, the daydream, and the sacred dream.
Elgin's signature event, Nightmare on Chicago Street, was profitable for the first time, largely because of a record 18,500 people who went and faced long lines and wait times at the gates.
After struggling with homework and losing a game in front of her whole class, Coco feels humiliated and has a terrible nightmare! In her dream, the Multiplication Monster laughs an evil laugh and attacks her in front of her classmates when she answers a problem wrong.
The song also appeared in the 2007 horror movie "Trick R' Treat." "This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" movie Tim Burton's classic spooky anthem is probably the most famous Halloween song which appears at the opening of the 1993 animated hit and forever Halloween classic "The Nightmare before Christmas." Chelsea Wolfe -- "Feral Love" With a haunting tune which was used in the trailer for "Game of Thrones'" fourth season trailer "The War is Not Won", the lyrics are hauntingly commanding: "Run from the one who comes to find you.
The nightmares, fears, and all manner of what-ifs that inhabit this shadow world are unfamiliar to him--all except one: the Lairdbalor, Jamie's personal nightmare, once relegated to his dreams.
A second manga based on Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is scheduled for release in spring of 2018 according to The Hollywood Reporter.