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NONord-Ouest (French: north west)
NONihil Obstat (Latin: no objections)
NONord-Ovest (Italian: Northwest)
NONuovo Ordinamento (Italian: new Curriculum Requirements)
NONetwork Origin
NONo Oscillation (Skimaire)
NONominal Model
NOOccupation Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
NONatural Orbital
NONecrotic Obsession (online community)
NONever Oscillate
NONouveau Orleans (French: New Orleans)
NONordost/Nordosten (German; North East)
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En 2013 fue aprobado el reglamento de la Comision independiente de valoracion para la asuncion de personal laico en la Sede apostolica (CIVA) (49), que examina a los candidatos a ser empleados, ya sea a tiempo determinado como a tiempo indeterminado, emitiendo una especie de certificado de idoneidad en el cual se basa el nihil obstat de la Secretaria de Estado (art.
(29) The lack of transparency and reciprocity in procedures of imposing the nihil obstat and issuing condemnations of the work of individual theologians remains a persistent point of critique by theologians; see, e.g., Hinze, "Decade of Disciplining Theologians" 33-36 and his many references to other determinations handed down; see also When the Magisterium Intervenes.
He also questioned the use of the Catholic term "nihil obstat," which was not in the original 1931 agreement.
For other readers, the weight of doctrinal purity implied by the nihil obstat and the imprimatur on the copyright page might compromise the book.
Nihil Obstat: Religion, Politics, and Social Changes in East-Central Europe and Russia.
Nihil Obstat: Religion, Politics and Social Change in East Central Europe and Russia.
La primera aparicion en lengua castellana debio alcanzar notable exito, porque la segunda, aun habiendose publicado en 1905, recoge la fecha de Julio de 1904 para el prologo antedicho; lo que nos induce a pensar que para aquel verano, el traductor espanol ya haba concluido su labor, sometiendola al Nihil obstat del fundador de Tuskegee.
Louis University was put "on the carpet," and I was practically tarred and feathered (though not burned at the stake) for daring to examine Catholic textbooks that carried an imprimatur and nihil obstat. Monsignor after monsignor challenged my research and my criteria.
It has and deserves the mass culture industry's nihil obstat. Worse than its banality, however, is what it makes of politics.
Price Waterhouse, at the U.S.-based accounting firm that repeatedly gave its nihil obstat to B.C.C.I.'s V books, was lucky enough to earn about $145 million for winding up the biggest bank failure in history.