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NILLNational Indian Law Library (Boulder, CO, USA)
NILLNorth Idaho Lacrosse League
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We strongly believe that with the right support from the Andhra Pradesh government, we will set-up a center in AP which can work on cutting-edge innovations at the intersection of healthcare and information technology and create significant job opportunities in the state" added Nill.
We've had a lot of guys on our team (who) just haven't clicked,'' Nill said.
Will meant to want to do something, nill meant to want to avoid it.
Nill Grips has re-created that timeless classic of the original coke bottle grip of yesteryear, flew collectors and enthusiasts will be able to restock their big-bores with a premium version of the most sought utter N-frame grip.
Nill wooden grips are increasing sales all over the country.
His departure after two years as paid COO is not related to the group's expansion into the conference market, he and Nill said.
There is a smooth satin exterior finish to the metal surfaces and the walnut grips by Nill give it a warm dark look in contrast to the stainless steel of the gun itself.
ATLANTA -- Prommis([R])Solutions, LLC, a leading national provider of default processing services, announced that Dyan Nill has joined their business development team as sales manager.
The Oregon Auto Dealers Association is going to fight this tooth and nail, like we did Measure 97," said Shannon Nill, owner of Guaranty Chevrolet and president of Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City.
The chief amount of rainfall was nill, recorded during the last 24 hours.
GENERAL CARGO: Peace Fortune GAC 21/09/11 Not sched 23,500 Steel Nill Shaker Gulf Maritime 22/09/11 Not sched 417 g.
Apart from tlie essential odds and ends, I nill stop off at the Avon stand to talk lo the people who are helping to make an Eskimo hunting boat for my trip," he said.