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NIMNet Interest Margin
NIMNetwork Interface Module
NIMNetwork Installation Management
NIMNovell Identity Manager
NIMNetwork Install Manager
NIMNetwork Integrated Merging
NIMNational Institute of Marriage (Missouri)
NIMNuclear Instruments and Methods (journal)
NIMNerve Integrity Monitoring (medical equipment)
NIMNational Institute of Meteorology (Tunisia)
NIMNigerian Institute of Management (est. 1961)
NIMNet International Migration
NIMNetwork Installation Manager
NIMNotice of Intended Marriage
NIMNuclear Instrument Module
NIMNewport Internet Marketing Corp. (Seattle, WA)
NIMNew Interactive Media
NIMNuclear Instrumentation Module
NIMNonlinear Integral Model (physics)
NIMNetscape Instant Messenger
NIMNetwork Identity Management
NIMNetwork Infrastructure Management
NIMNational Islamic Movement (Afghanistan)
NIMNo Internal Message (quick-note email, subject text only matters)
NIMNegative-Index Medium
NIMNational Institute of Medicine
NIMNashville Independent Music (Nashville, TN)
NIMNumber of Instance Methods
NIMNetwork Interface Machine
NIMNaval Inspector of Machinery (US Navy)
NIMNational Instrumentation Methods
NIMNational Information Market
NIMNational Impact Model
NIMNORAD Intelligence Memorandum
NIMNoninvertible Maps (operational research)
NIMNetpresence Indivirtual Media (internet company)
NIMNuclear Incident Model
NIMNetwork Integration Manager
NIMNational Institute of Migration (Mexico)
NIMNimbus Publishing Ltd (Canada)
NIMNational Intellectual Movement (India)
NIMNational Implementation Measure (EU)
NIMNational Infantryman Museum (Columbus, GA)
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The statistical analysis compares counties with NIM clusters to counties with only one NIM (non-clustering counties); prior literature typically compared NIMs to their surrounding county (e.
OMGa[euro](tm)s chief executive Doug Pearce added that his company had enjoyed rapid organic growth but the acquisition of NIM would significantly expand OMGa[euro](tm)s digital capabilities, especially in the search space, and add breadth to the service offer.
His tenure at the more disciplined estate proved fruitful; by the end of his time there, Nim had learned approximately 125 sign languages, a reasonable result for the experiment that, nonetheless, was somewhat below Terrace's expectations.
Some scenes are eerily identical to Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - Nim and Caesar looking out of a window beyond their own souls.
After efforts to free him, Nim was sent to an animal sanctuary in Texas, where he could be safe from abuse if not boredom, as its sole chimp.
Though Nim is clearly the film's focus, the human subjects prove far more revealing, with each guardian espousing a radically different approach to handling the chimp.
For students, the concept of the constant misconception occurring between Nim and Alex may cause slight confusion.
Little does Nim know the writer is actually a recluse (Foster) who lives in San Francisco, far from the tropical locations that she writes about.
Nim, justifiably asserting her independence, stays behind to hatch some sea turtles and will stay in touch with her dad (she usually calls him "Jack") by radio.
Nim is the star of the movie Nim's Island, which will open in theaters April 4.
The paper discusses the fates of the verb nim (OE niman) which began to be displaced in later Old English by its synonym ON take.