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NINENational Institute for Nano-Engineering (Sandia National Laboratories)
NINENorthern Ireland Network for Education (UK)
NINENational Institute of Nutritional Education
NINENewspapers in Nursing Education
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In these two battles we had nine killed, and one wounded.
They would not own the home at all, then, for nearly nine years
At half past nine in the morning the procession approached the field of Plessis-Piquet in the following order: first came our carriage--nobody in it but M.
So I smouched one, and they come out nine, same as the other time.
Yes,' answered the Sun-Hero, 'I will guard the Tree of the Sun nine days and nine nights.
My decision, therefore, is that the fat challenger prune, peel, thin, trim and correct himself, and take eleven stone of his flesh off his body, here or there, as he pleases, and as suits him best; and being in this way reduced to nine stone weight, he will make himself equal and even with nine stone of his opponent, and they will be able to run on equal terms.
The other nine hundred and seventy-nine die violent deaths in duels, in hunting, in aviation and in war; but perhaps by far the greatest death loss comes during the age of childhood, when vast numbers of the little Martians fall victims to the great white apes of Mars.
de Treville's, as nine o'clock had just struck, and as Planchet, who had not yet made the bed, was beginning his task, a knocking was heard at the street door.
Early in the season he detached five men, with nine horses, to proceed to the neighborhood of the Sheep Rock, on Bear River, where game was plenty, and there to procure a supply for the camp.
They were neither of them very rich; their united fortunes had originally amounted to nine thousand Pounds, but as they had always lived on the principal of it, when we were fifteen it was diminished to nine Hundred.
Rentrees generales, seven millions; properties, nine millions.
For he, for example, that took before ten or nine in the hundred, will sooner descend to eight in the hundred than give over his trade of usury, and go from certain gains, to gains of hazard.