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NTHNinth (fictional metal)
NTHNokia Theme (file extension)
NTHNice to Have
NTHNorthumbrian (linguistics)
NTHNorth Tees and Hartlepool (primary care trust; UK)
NTHNorges Tekniske Hoegskole (Norwegian Institute of Technology)
NTHNew Tokyo Hospital (Chiba, Japan)
NTHNational Test House (India)
NTHNew Training Helicopter
NTHNo Therapy Helpful
NTHNavy Transportation Safety Handbook
NTHNote to Holders (US DoD)
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The Ninth Circuit held that the district court correctly concluded that the payments were Sec.
The Ninth Circuit said the question was purely one of statutory interpretation.
In one set of analyses, they compared the abstinence reasons between sexually inexperienced females and males, and between 12th graders and ninth graders; in a second set, the same comparisons were examined among sexually experienced students.
Close to three-fourths of Ninth District business leaders responding to a poll conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis last fall said their communities' economies were doing better than the nation's.
Astrid Omohundro appealed a district court decision that held her refund claim was not timely based on the Ninth Circuit decision in Miller, 38 F3d 473 (1994).
The West withstood a ninth inning East rally at Dodger Stadium.
Constitutionality became a much discussed issue when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in a public school was unconstitutional.
For the second time in three games, Radinsky blew a lead he was given to start the ninth inning.