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NIPNeural Information Processing
NIPNational Immunization Program
NIPNude in Public
NIPNothing in Particular
NIPNumer Identyfikacji Podatkowej (Polish: Tax Identification Number)
NIPNational Intelligence Program
NIPNew in Package (collectors; auctions)
NIPNon Impact Printer
NIPNetworks in Package
NIPNetwork Inference and Prediction
NIPNitro Interconnect Protocol
NIPNetwork Interface Plug-in
NIPNew Industrial Policy (economic development)
NIPNational Indicative Programme
NIPNotice of Intended Prosecution (UK)
NIPNursing in Public
NIPNeighborhood Investment Program (various locations)
NIPNon-Injurious Price (trade)
NIPNutritional Information Panel (various locations)
NIPNeighborhood Improvement Program
NIPNormal Incidence Pyrheliometer (meteorology)
NIPNinjas in Pyjamas (gaming; Sweden)
NIPNaval Intelligence Professionals
NIPNational Immigration Project (Boston, MA)
NIPNurse Intern Program (military training)
NIPNetwork Information Project (now Nuclear Information Service; UK)
NIPNucleus Initialization Program (IBM)
NIPNon-Internet Public (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
NIPNew Ireland Province
NIPNational Implementation Plan for the War on Terror
NIPNetwork Implementation Plan
NIPNumismatici Italiani Professionisti
NIPNuke Integration Project (open source software)
NIPNo Information Provided
NIPNegative Inspiratory Pressure
NIPNumber Identification Presentation
NIPNatural Interest Person (US DoD)
NIPNitro Interconnect Protocol (Cisco)
NIPNotice of Intelligence Potential
NIPNet Income Percentage
NIPNetwork Input Processor
NIPNuclear Intelligence Panel
NIPNATO Interoperability Plan
NIPNew Ideas Program
NIPNegative Ion Plasma
NIPNotice of Intent To Purchase
NIPNeoplasia Intra-Epitelial do Pénis (Portugese)
NIPNear-Term Improvement Program
NIPNew Investment Programme
NIPNumero de Identification Personel
NIPNotice of Intent to Plead
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Sources revealed according to memorandum of articles of NIP, article 49 clearly states CEO, NIP will come from the private sector, which will follow merit-based selection criteria for a period of 3 years.
As of now, the NIP does not have any surplus electricity available and there seems to be no follow-ups on its arrangement despite repeated reminders by the allotees.
Moreover, he said that NIP had provided a platform and act as a catalyst for industries to increase productivity to promote the creation of jobs by capitalization on strength of different regions by prioritizing type(s) of industry prevalent in a particular area.
Mr Nip also visited the Binhai New Area, which will become a core development area in Dongguan through the Bay Area's development.
Nip Nebs is the Scots name for Jack Frost and the book, published by Wigtown's Curly Tale Books, follows the mythical character as he weaves his magic on a winter morning.
The DG said NIP has been getting popularity amongst the youth and received 146,000 applications against total 15,000 available seats for 2017.
Hadayatullah said under NIP female applicants are being encouraged to apply for the programme.
With over two hundred worldwide references, the company believes that it offers the most advanced and reliable intelligent nip roll cover products on more applications than all other competitors combined.
When winding inelastic webs, nip is the dominant principle used to control roll hardness.
Custom engineered AccuNip nip stations from PFE Rolls, Inc.
The team was named Nip and Tuck, and this is the story of how we learned to farm together.
In his new role, Poynter will replace Lord Marshall of Knightsbridge, who has acted as chairman of NIP since October 2004, and NEHS since May 2009.