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N2Engine Core (high pressure compressor) speed in RPM
N2Second Negative Component (neurological research wavelength label)
N2USN Staff Intelligence Officer
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Known scientifically as LN2, liquid nitrogen is an odourless, colourless, non-flammable cryogen, and an extremely cold chemical - with a boiling point of -196EeAC.
But one has to consider that these nitrogen compounds impair the quality of shale oil products and also seriously pollute the environment [4-8].
At Hopland Research and Extension Center (HREC), researcher Lindsey Hendricks-Franco, a doctoral candidate in integrative biology at UC Berkeley, is investigating the postfire nitrogen cycling roles played by ephemeral herbaceous plants such as whisperingbells (Emmenanthe penduliflora) and Brewer's redmaids (Calandrinia breweri) and by herbivores -- black-tailed deer, rodents and rabbits.
Many industrial and agricultural activities, such as petroleum refining, landfilling, and livestock farming, generate are reduced large amounts of wastewater containing high ammonia nitrogen [1].
The Co-op is committed to protecting fresh water in New Zealand and General Manager Sustainable Dairying Charlotte Rutherford says understanding on-farm nitrogen results is fundamental to responsible dairying.
It is a condition to the completion of the pending merger of Rentech Nitrogen with CVR Partners, LP that Rentech Nitrogen sell or spin-out its Pasadena facility pursuant to the terms of the merger agreement.
733 requires that all tires on braked wheels on airplanes heavier than 75,000 pounds be filled with dry nitrogen so that the tire contains less than 5 percent oxygen.
Yeast cells also contain nitrogen in the form of proteins, peptides-particularly tripeptides--and amino acids.
For higher production the use of plant nutrients especially nitrogen is very important (Ahmad, 1992).
Recently, engineers began investigating possible upgrades to the nitrogen delivery system to improve performance, reduce consumption and minimize maintenance.
The argument they make is that the nitrogen doesn't contain oxygen, like normal air does.
Their analysis, which could discern human-derived nitrogen from natural nitrogen fixation, revealed that the oceanic nitrate concentration increased significantly over the last 30 years in surface waters of the North Pacific due largely to the enhanced deposition of nitrogen from the atmosphere.