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NTGNorges Toppidrettsgymnas
NTGNormal Tension Glaucoma
NTGNet-to-Gross (calculation)
NTGNot Too Good
NTGNederlandstalige Tex Gebruikersgroep (Dutch TeX users group)
NTGNATO Training Group
NTGNot This Group (Usenet)
NTGNine Trey Gangsta (Blood gang)
NTGNo Tag Gaming (Soldier of Fortune II Clan)
NTGNepal Tamang Ghedung (Nepali Tamang organization)
NTGNon-Tactical Generator
NTGNuclear Test Gage
NTGNon-linear Trajectory Generation
NTGNATO Task Group
NTGNortheastern Technologies Group, Inc (Glen Cove, NY)
NTGNational Training Group (various locations)
NTGNon-Technical Generator
NTGNew Testament in Greek
NtGNarrowing the Gap (UK)
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A common problem is not giving sufficient nitroglycerine quickly enough because of concern about maternal hypotension.
Nitroglycerine (nitric oxide donors) may be an effective choice as a tocolytic agent due to its safety profile with infrequent maternal and foetal side effects.
we later (post explosion) discovered nitroglycerine was mixed in with the gunpowder," Christofias said.
That's because bacon contains glycerol, which becomes nitroglycerine and TNT.
Brown CJ deducted from his study that lateral internal anals sphincterotomy is superior to topical nitroglycerine for healing of chronic anal fissure and does not compromise long term faecal incontinence14.
Mancini has enough worries juggling the nitroglycerine of his players' egos.
bolus followed by 1000 U/hr infusion and was started on a 5 mg/min nitroglycerine infusion, with the rate gradually increased to 100 mg/min.
Hence, it is logical that a NO generator nitroglycerine patch might potentiate the spinal analgesic effect of an opioid.
2 If you know that you are at risk of a heart attack, always keep a nitroglycerine spray within reach.
Nitroglycerine is an explosive and no one knew how it worked in the body -- did it create small explosions that increased blood circulation?