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NIXIETorpedo Countermeasures System
NIXIENumerical Indicator Experimental
NIXIENuove Idee X Internettiani Elettromaniaci (Italian business)
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El rey de las nixies lo supo y reclamo que fuese castigado.
These are the needs of the current times (when a helmet-mounted camera won't do) that need to be solved and the answer is in the form of a simple wearable drone, Nixie.
Nixie rests on your wrist like a bracelet, then unfolds and takes flight on cue
S Nixie, new detached house with parking spaces and formation of parking spaces for existing house, 182 Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe.
When I was already a grownup young newspaper reporter thirty-odd years ago, I never dreamed I'd see a revolutionary moment here in the USA--even with old Nixie pulling one fast one after another, before heading off to that helicopter for his last wave to the people who elected him.
Basically, each of the digits is projected by an electronic valve called a nixie tube.
She was a nixie, the Riverwoman's daughter, discovered by Tom among the pools of the mysterious Withywindle.
Hahn was born June 14, 1920, in Washington to Harlow and Nixie Triutt Stewart.
That rudimentary hard-wired, nixie tube, relay controlled "numerical control" system became known as an "NC".
Mrs Nixie Taverner, 28 Gooding Close, Green Lane, New Maiden KT3 5DQ.
Since 2006, Argon has served as the lead contractor in designing, developing and fielding the Torpedo Countermeasures Transmitting Set AN/SLQ-25 -- commonly referred to as Nixie.