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NIXIETorpedo Countermeasures System
NIXIENumerical Indicator Experimental
NIXIENuove Idee X Internettiani Elettromaniaci (Italian business)
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Operator consoles were typically equipped with nixie tube readouts that displayed programmed distance and distance-to-go data for each machine axis.
The report includes detailed scores and percentages on key sub-elements such as Delivery Point Validation (DPV[R]), LACS(Link[R]), Suite(Link) along with ACS (Address Correction Services) COA (Change of Address) and Nixie statistics.
According to Boeing, AN/SLQ-25C, also known as Nixie, is an electro-acoustic decoy system that mimics a surface ship s acoustic signature to divert incoming torpedoes.
Nixie rests on your wrist like a bracelet, then unfolds and takes flight on cue
S Nixie, new detached house with parking spaces and formation of parking spaces for existing house, 182 Commercial Road, Skelmanthorpe.
Basically, each of the digits is projected by an electronic valve called a nixie tube.
She was a nixie, the Riverwoman's daughter, discovered by Tom among the pools of the mysterious Withywindle.
Hahn was born June 14, 1920, in Washington to Harlow and Nixie Triutt Stewart.