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NIHLNoise-Induced Hearing Loss
NIHLNorthern Illinois Hockey League
NIHLNational Inline Hockey League (est. 1998; Ireland)
NIHLNorthern Illinois Horseshoe League
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Detection and Clinical Diagnosis of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Otoacoustic Emissions.
Relationship between outer ear resonance and permanent noise-induced hearing loss. Am J Otolaryngol.
The prevalence of notches decreased among persons aged 50-59 years, as high-frequency hearing loss associated with aging increasingly masks the notch associated with noise-induced hearing loss (Figure).
Using a rodent model of noise-induced hearing loss, Alagramam et al.
Genetic factors may contribute to the development of noise-induced hearing loss. The individual humans and animals displayed a variation in the susceptibility to noise-induced damage even under controlled conditions.
So, it is more likely that subjects who have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), in addition to the cochlear lesion, will also have damage to the vestibular end organs [6].
However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are tens of thousands of work-related cases of noise-induced hearing loss reported each year.
adults show signs of noise-induced hearing loss, a number that is expected to nearly double by 2060, new research finds.
Continuing its strong commitment to safety innovation, JSP understand that noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the biggest occupational health problems facing us today.