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The Nolle Prosequi, first issued in 1555, is rarely used, with less than half a dozen applications made by defendants to the Attorney General every year.
37) The nolle prosequi in Agee was based upon the fact that the witness was in a coma and the apparent absence of eyewitnesses to the crime.
Mr Batten yesterday argued the nolle prosequi also qualified Gee for a refund because he was not convicted.
But her unexpected recovery means she could face prosecution again as nolle prosequi orders are not permanent.
NOLLE prosequi orders are used so rarely, even some legal experts struggle to explain their part in the legal process.
The Attorney General said that the case was halted using a discretionary power called nolle prosequi .
The previous AG issued a nolle prosequi for his son in connection with a case of driving under the influence of alcohol, with no road tax and no MOT.
A nolle prosequi was formally entered by the state in relation to a charge of driving under the influence.
But after protracted legal arguments about her illness, the Attorney General issued the rare nolle prosequi order which kept her out of the dock.
As a result of the medical evidence and other circumstances, the Attorney General Mr John Morris QC had intervened with a rarely-used procedure - nolle prosequi - to effectively end the case.
Both his lawyer Christos Pourgourides and Prez Nik, we hear, have been lobbying the AG Costas Clerides trying to persuade him to issue a nolle prosequi.
On July 31 although not listed for mention, and without notice, a nolle prosequi do not pursue was entered on behalf of the DPP.