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NOLONeighbors of Lower Ocean (Santa Cruz, CA)
NOLONo Live Operator
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We emphasize that the behavior that led to [the attorney's] nolo contendere pleas to two felonies, and his subsequent failure to report those pleas to the Bar for seven years, is egregious misconduct that is unbecoming of a member of The Florida Bar.
Note that this specially priced offer from Nolo does not qualify for the 5 percent discount given to NEA members on the Nolo Web Site.
A spokesperson for the company said that Nolo Now is Nolo's first step in online interactive documents, and claimed that security issues had been given the highest priority.
In 1971, he founded Nolo in a Berkeley attic, and today the company, with over 100 employees, is still located there.
Using the Excite search engine, Nolo then lists articles of possible interest, ranked by a percentage "confidence level" on matching some or all of your keywords.
The timing of the Salomon Brothers episode is such that certain sanctions by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York might apply even if the firm is not convicted of, or if it pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, a felony under U.
Bringing together the complementary strengths of Martindale-Hubbell and Internet Brands expertise in its Nolo legal division creates a powerful competitive advantage in the legal online marketing space, said Bob Brisco, CEO of Internet Brands.
12, Florida Statutes (2006), which requires courts to inquire into the existence of physical evidence containing DNA that could exonerate a defendant prior to accepting a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony.
The Couples Contract For A Lasting Relationship Ed Sherman & Bruce Janke Nolo Press 501 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 0944508588 $24.
You can probably use a simple will, prepared with a software program, if you are under 50, in good health, and don't have more than half a million dollars in assets, according to NoLo Press, publisher of information on do-your-own Legal documents (www.