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NEQnot Equal to
NEQNuméro d'Entreprise du Québec (French: Québec Enterprise Number)
NEQNet Explosive Quantity
NEQNew England Quarterly
NEQNoise Equivalent Quanta
NEQNortheast Qualifier (gaming tournament)
NEQNorth East Quattro Club (automobile club)
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Technically, the court based its finding of nonequivalence on the fact that the difference between the patent claim and the defendant's stapler were not insubstantial.
Taken together, the empirical evidence clearly indicates that, when statistical comparisons have adequate power to detect differences, psychotherapy nonequivalence is the rule, not the exception.
represent a separate and independent argument for the nonequivalence of
19) An incorrect inclusion of matching grants in the estimation is likely to offer a nonequivalence result, but would not constitute a negation of the Bradford and Oates result.
WANG, Nonequivalence transformation of [lambda]-matrix eigenvalue problems and model embedding approach to model tuning, Numer.
To minimize the nonequivalence between the electrical and optical heating, the design incorporates features to reduce the thermal gradients in the optical cavity and to minimize conduction and convection losses.
In this study, attrition rates were equivalent for treatment and control conditions, as were pretest levels of ATOD use for the final analysis sample, supporting the conclusion that the prevention effects resulted from the intervention and not from differential attrition or pretest nonequivalence.
Heckman, "The Nonequivalence of High School Equivalents," Journal of Labor Economics, vol.
The Nonequivalence of High School Equivalents, "Journal of Labor Economics, 11, January 1993, pp.
Once her definitions are set, Kamm offers two main arguments (there is at least one minor argument I shall ignore) for the moral nonequivalence of killing and letting die.
Functional nonequivalence of sperm in Drosophila pseudoobscura.
Ricardo actually made the case for the nonequivalence and the inferiority of debt financing (O'Driscoll 1977).