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NONNow or Never
NONNones (Latin: Nones)
NONNumber-Of-Neighbors (network connecting strategy)
NONNotice of Noncompliance
NONNike Outdoor Nationals (National Scholastic Sports Foundation)
NONNew Order Nation (Revolution X gaming clan)
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"Some go clawing trees; some go scratching at the graves of the dead; some go fighting with foreheads or feet or claws; some bite suddenly, none giving occasion; some love uncleanness."
"None escape," said the Ape-man, scratching his calf.
None was more stealthy in the mimic hunt, none more ferocious than he in the wild ferocity of the attack, none who leaped so high into the air in the Dance of Death.
None in the jungle more powerful, none more cunning than Tarzan!"
He moved through the middle terrace, where the way is always easiest, until he reached a point opposite the vine-clad portion of the wall, and there he waited, listening and scenting, until he might assure himself that there was no Numa within his immediate vicinity, or, at least, none that sought him.
Come hither, deign to touch an abject wretch; Draw near and fear not; I myself must bear The load of guilt that none but I can share.
None, I ween, but ye Must pine, poor maids, in single barrenness.
"Have none entered here since?" I asked, peering again down the dark passage.
Pushing my hand through the hole in the lid I drew it out full, not of diamonds, but of gold pieces, of a shape that none of us had seen before, and with what looked like Hebrew characters stamped upon them.
This was the part which she undertook to perform; and, indeed, she executed it so well, that none of our theatrical actresses could exceed her, in any of their performances, either on or off the stage.
"Of late years, few indeed," she said, "for none dare stand against him--no, not with all to win.
Which when BEELZEBUB perceiv'd, then whom, SATAN except, none higher sat, with grave Aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd A Pillar of State; deep on his Front engraven Deliberation sat and publick care; And Princely counsel in his face yet shon, Majestick though in ruin: sage he stood With ATLANTEAN shoulders fit to bear The weight of mightiest Monarchies; his look Drew audience and attention still as Night Or Summers Noon-tide air, while thus he spake.