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NHNew Hampshire (US postal abbreviation)
NHNew Haven
NHNursing Home
NHNational Highway (Australia, India)
NHNot Here
NHNippon Ham (Japan)
NHNathaniel Hawthorne (author)
NHNaval Hospital
NHNorthern Hemisphere
NHNew Hire
NHNatural Horsemanship (horse trainers; Orlando, FL)
NHNatural Heritage Program (Virginia)
NHNotting Hill
NHNew Harmony (Indiana)
NHNordic Hardware
NHNordic Hardware (computer discussion forum in Sweden)
NHNull Hypothesis
NHNational Hose (thread)
NHNatural Harmonic (music)
NHNumber of Hits (weapons planning)
NHNew Hebrides
NHNever Hinged (philatelic term; mint gum stamp)
NHNice Hand
NHNorth Harbor
NHNumber Holder (US SSA)
NHNo Height (track and field)
NHNo Hole
NHNaval Home (US Navy)
NHNew Hat
NHNext Hop (networking)
NHNobody Home (delivery term)
NHNeighborhood History
NHNo Hacks (multiplayer gaming)
NHNorth Hills School District (Pennsylvania)
NHNerf Herder (band)
NHNerd Herd (gaming clan)
NHNational Host
NHNishan-E-Haider (highest gallantry award of Pakistan Army)
NHNorthern Highlands Regional High School (Allendale, New Jersey)
NHNatural Humidity
NHNation of Hope (gaming)
NHNeoHacks (gaming website)
NHNobilis Homo (Latin: Nobleman)
NHNota de Honorários (Invoice, Portugal)
NHNeoplastic Hepatocyte
NHAll Nippon Airways Co Japan (IATA airline code)
NHNon-Busy Hour
NHNutritional Herbologist
NHHidratacion Normal (Spanish: Normal Hydration)
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Second, the AOD from combined hygroscopic and nonhygroscopic aerosol number concentrations in the aerosol-aware microphysics can be passed to the radiation scheme.
Four styles of hopper dryers include a low-cost, hot-air unit for use with nonhygroscopic materials that can serve more than one press.
Because no moisture-absorbing constituents are used in producing the NexPrene 9000 Series of fully vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer materials, the products in the series are nonhygroscopic (they do not absorb moisture from the atmosphere).
The Santoprene B100 (as well as the TPE 8000) Series TPVs are easy to process and easy to color, and are nonhygroscopic (do not pick up moisture), says AES.
Hot-air dryers are suitable for removing surface moisture and preheating nonhygroscopic materials at up to 250[degrees]F.
Santoprene 8000, a fully vulcanized, nonhygroscopic TPE, from Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), for example, provides sure-grip handles and fashionable colors for Robinson Knife's kitchen utensils; at anticipated pressure points, such as wrist areas and around the trackball, for Sejin America's FreeBoard Beamer ergonomic keyboard for Web Television; and as expansion joints between the concrete slabs of parking decks.
Hot-air dryers are suitable for removing surface moisture and preheating nonhygroscopic materials at up to 250 E Five models available to handle throughputs from 600 to 5000 lb/hr.
A DH Series dryer design is available for removal of surface moisture on nonhygroscopic materials.
HA series (30 to 3000 cfm) for processing nonhygroscopic materials.
It is a pale yellow, nonhygroscopic, 99+% pure solid that is readily soluble in all vinyl ester systems.
They range in hardness from 55 to 85 Shore A and are nonhygroscopic, requiring no predrying.
The nonhygroscopic additive reportedly eliminates handling and storage problems associated with other phosphites and phosphonites; its resistance to hydrolysis allows it to be used in water environments.