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NOSEYNuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy
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The Nosey Shade is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Rosey Nosey has been rapidly growing in popularity in the UK market," noted marketing director Jaclyn Bateman.
Yes, you sound both bitchy and nosey and I think it's you who are being pathetic.
Camera (DuArt colin, Aaton 16mm), David Parry; music, the Nosey Parkers; sound (DTS), Karim Chichakly; sound designer, Alex Markowski; associate producer, Jack Rowell; assistant director, Jeff Lawson.
Sophie got in a bit of a tangle because she was being too nosey for her own good.
Nosey wished to be friends and play with the other pups in the park, but they paid no attention to him.
An award-winning show takes a peek behind the curtains of the nosey parkers this week.
Mr Dove said: "He said he did not open them to find cash, he was simply being nosey.
I HAVE just read Susan Lee's page (Nosey neighbours can save kids' lives, ECHO, March 25) and was disgusted at the way she thinks it's OK for nosey neighbours to be the way they are.
The nosey horse became jammed while peering into a trunk in a field in West Virginia.
NOSEY puppy Keano kept his head after getting stuck in an ornamental wall.