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NVLNull Value
NVLNist Virtual Library
NVLnot Validate
NVLNationale Versorgungs Leitlinien (German: National Supply Guidelines)
NVLNational Veterinary Laboratory
NVLNight Vision Laboratory (Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, NVESD; US Army)
NVLNavy Virtual Library
NVLNew Venture Lab
NVLNo Visible Lesion (pathology)
NVLNot Very Likely
NVLNuclear VCP (Valosin-Containing Protein)-Like Protein (genomics)
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I got on to lastminute.com, who said: "Due to internal processes, the system could not validate the voucher in August.
Despite this feat, nine reforms were not considered for the cycle under review as they were either classified as too recent to have an impact on the business climate, or the private sector did not validate them - which impacted the ranking.
At this, Justice Shahid Waheed asked him whether the laws declared existent by the 18th amendment were not needed to be ratified later by the parliament for their further continuation, observing that the 18th amendment did not validate the previous laws made under the PCO.
However, Mr Freeman said that, while the new RUSCO may have superseded the old one, it does not validate it.
He said the UN does"not validate information and only highlights best practices", adding that the information was from"reliable sources".
They then called for more action to 'isolate the Cambodian government' and pressure them to reverse course, going on to say the international community should not validate the 'illegitimate 'election'' in July.
Also key was the experience of having to negotiate their disease, with a keen awareness that their endocrinologist did not validate their experience, that they had to look to lab tests to tell them the state of their disease, and they had to deal with functional limitations (Qual Health Research.
The conclusion that the study "proves [the] existence of Yang deficiency constitution" cannot be supported because the study did not validate this.
The post further says that they were surprised to discover that WhatsApp does not validate the vCard format or its contents.
The Parliament did not validate it and left the issue for the apex court, he said.
"It could be painful if you believed it but I had too much else going on around me that did not validate that."
But Hersch has cautioned that the fact that workers receive higher pay for assuming a risk of sexual harassment does not validate subjecting workers to this risk or imply that legal protections are not needed.