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NINo Information
NINational Instruments
NINorthern Ireland
NINo Idea
NINational Insurance
NINorfolk Island
NINot Important
NINicaragua (ISO country code, top level domain)
NINot Interested
NINet Income
NINorth Island (New Zealand)
NINetwork Interface
NINeeds Improvement
NINegative Impact
NINueva Izquierda (Spanish: New Left)
NINatural Ingredients
NINational Income
NINational Identification (number; US DoD)
NINosocomial Infection
NINet Investment
NINaval Intelligence
NINeurological Institute
NIPortugalia Airlines (IATA airline code)
NINational ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
NINoted Item (US DoD)
NINavistar International (trucks and tractors)
NINetwork Implementation
NINutrition Institute
NINickel Institute
NINot Insulated
NINetwork Industry (frequent in company description of the new economy)
NINew Institutionalism (EU)
NINuclear Instrumentation
NINex Imperio (gaming alliance)
NINetwork Indicator
NINetworld + Interop
NINamed Insured (insurance)
NINanotechnology Institute (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
NINoise Intensity
NINationella Insatsstyrkan (Swedish equivalent of SWAT police force)
NINeonatal Isoerythrolysis (hemolytic disease of foals)
NINavigation and Interaction (software engineering)
NINumber of Invocations
NINatural Interference
NINorthwood Institute (Midland, Michigan)
NINatione Itala (Latin: Italic Nation, epigraphy)
NINeoist International (governing body of Art/Agitprop conferees)
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Half the people I teach acknowledge that half of their time is spent on urgent, not important, things.
Urgent but not important tasks are the interruptions and distractions that are important to someone else.
Among those in this group who say religion is not important, McCain and Obama are essentially tied, at 46% for McCain and 45% for Obama.
it's not important if he's the wisest man in paradise.
I care about her, but I feel like I'm not important.
It's not important only for us; it's very important for the whole world.
If you can do the work at the level required, academic credentials are not important," offers Morgan, referring to his unusual ascent through the classical music ranks.
In animals, the dogma has been hybridization is a dead end--it's not important for creating species," comments Bruce McPheron of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, who's studied how some flies form species.
While our roles maybe different, the head cannot say the eye is not important.
On June 20, the AP reported that FBI managers admitted that "expertise about the Middle East or terrorism was not important in choosing the agents they promoted to top jobs.
What was most important to him was not that you were a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Hindu, or Muslim; it was not important if your skin was black, white or yellow, if you came from one continent or another.