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NINo Information
NINational Instruments
NINorthern Ireland
NINo Idea
NINational Insurance
NINorfolk Island
NINot Important
NINicaragua (ISO country code, top level domain)
NINot Interested
NINet Income
NINorth Island (New Zealand)
NINetwork Interface
NINeeds Improvement
NINegative Impact
NINueva Izquierda (Spanish: New Left)
NINatural Ingredients
NINational Income
NINational Identification (number; US DoD)
NINosocomial Infection
NINet Investment
NINaval Intelligence
NINeurological Institute
NIPortugalia Airlines (IATA airline code)
NINational ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
NINoted Item (US DoD)
NINavistar International (trucks and tractors)
NINetwork Implementation
NINutrition Institute
NINickel Institute
NINot Insulated
NINetwork Industry (frequent in company description of the new economy)
NINew Institutionalism (EU)
NINuclear Instrumentation
NINex Imperio (gaming alliance)
NINetwork Indicator
NINetworld + Interop
NINamed Insured (insurance)
NINanotechnology Institute (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
NINoise Intensity
NINationella Insatsstyrkan (Swedish equivalent of SWAT police force)
NINeonatal Isoerythrolysis (hemolytic disease of foals)
NINavigation and Interaction (software engineering)
NINumber of Invocations
NINatural Interference
NINorthwood Institute (Midland, Michigan)
NINatione Itala (Latin: Italic Nation, epigraphy)
NINeoist International (governing body of Art/Agitprop conferees)
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It's not important to look like a celebrity and I don't particularly want to look like anyone else.
The survey also found that 87 percent of Filipinos say it was important for the police that they capture illegal drug suspects alive (67 percent very important, 21 percent somewhat important), and 13 percent say it is not important (8 percent somewhat not important, 5 percent not at all important).
However, only 13 percent said police considers it not important to capture illegal drug trade suspects alive.
The result is not important, but our desire, our actions to give our best on the pitch to honour our chairman."
Klopp was in no mood to answer questions on his future however, declaring: "No clue, not important at the moment, to be honest.
But he said: "It's not important if I want to add another trophy in my career.
"The question and my answer were not important for Russia - it was just an English thing.
Those who said technology was important to their finances had PS21,035 saved on average, while people who felt it was not important had PS17,948 saved typically, the survey of more than 2,000 35-to-55-year-olds found.
* Percentage of participants getting the full match-63.6% very important, 9.1% somewhat important, 18.2% not important, 9.1% don't know;
They can freeze up if they do not have gas and their work and economy can stop but this is not important - the "common European policy" is, Pavkovik writes.