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NTMNew Tribes Mission
NTMNational Taiwan Museum (est. 1908)
NTMNotice To Mariners
NTMNational Theater Mannheim (Manheim, Germany)
NTMNext Top Model
NTMNotice To Move (US DoD)
NTMNontuberculous Mycobacteria
NTMNetwork Time Machine
NTMNo Truncate Mode
NTMNetwork Transaction Manager
NTMNotice to Members (NASD)
NTMNot To Mention
NTMNational Technical Means (formerly National Assets)
NTMNon-Tariff Measures
NTMNique Ta Mère
NTMNeighborhood Traffic Management (various locations)
NTMNot Too Much
NTMNew to Me (chat slang)
NTMNext Twelve Months (financial/banking industry)
NTMNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Training Mission (various locations)
NTMNetwork Traffic Management
NTMNational Town Meeting (various organizations)
NTMNon-Deterministic Turing Machine (Informatics)
NTMNational Transport Model (Department of Transport; UK)
NTMNational Translation Mission (India)
NTMNissan Technology Magazine (Japan)
NTMNon-Traditional Mortgage (finance)
NTMNo Truncate Mode (Cisco)
NTMNetworking Territory Manager (Intel)
NTMNo Target Model
NTMNon Tobacco Material
NTMNon-Tactical Message
NTMNon-Transparent Mode
NTMNet Ton Mile
NTMNaval Technical Means
NTMNetwork Transaction Management (Sprint)
NTMNytron Microsystems
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And thanks to the Bush administration's maladroit handling of the run up to the Iraq war, not to mention the aftermath, it was harder than ever to assemble an international coalition that might be able to exert any pressure on Tehran.
Not to mention the concept of innocent until proven guilty.
Highly recommended, not to mention just plain funny.
In both two and three dimensions, he could transform the human body, whether the Venus de Milo or a heroic academic nude, into a chest of drawers with nipples for knobs--a kind of humanoid carpentry also explored by Picasso, not to mention Goya, in one of his most famous Caprichos, which depicts foolish women wedded to chairs placed upside down on their heads.
Agnes' personal poverty, not to mention her biting insight into the world around her, limits her friends circle of friends to one person: the tomboyish Trout, named after one of her father's favorite hobbies (she was only a few numbers away from being named "Powerball").
And this is not to mention the Declaration of Independence which states, ".
All the while juggling past and present lovers, not to mention saving a friend from an unhealthy obsession with Nastassja Kinski
And such a choice might lead to all the other trouble coining down the pike later: sugar blues, a headache, weight gain and self-loathing, dietary habits that tend over the years toward diabetes, stroke, and heart attack, not to mention envy of thinner people, avarice for more jelly beans, sloth about amending my life, and anger if someone tries to take my jelly beans away.
Another 45 percent fervently support the President despite the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq not to mention the embarrassment of the Abu Ghraib prison abuses.
Though Coney's promoters constructed large resort hotels, and boasted the pleasures of its ocean beaches, they catered to a less fashionable, not to mention much larger, clientele than either of the other two resorts.
Not to mention that a cleverly placed piece of cartooning can help get your ideas across; the recipient will have you etched in their mind.
The idea of an altered mental state forced on a citizen against his or her will haunts our culture; the popularity of novels like 1984 and Brave New World, not to mention films like Jacob's Ladder and The Matrix, testify to this recurrent fear.