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N/WNot Working
N/WNorth West
N/WNight and Weekend (Minutes, Virgin Mobile USA)
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I meant that a man may work for a special end with others whose motives and general course are equivocal, if he is quite sure of his personal independence, and that he is not working for his private interest--either place or money."
"The Greek legal system is very complicated and somehow the sending back (of migrants) is not working," she told the students.
Nick Sherry, who was Australia's superannuation minister from 2007-09, has opined that banks are not working in the best interest of customers and recommended their break up.
However, from April 2005 onwards, the official definition was refined as follows: not working, looking for work, and available for work.
Public face a lot of problems while entering complaints because 15, the Police Help Line, is always busy due to rushing calls and the landline numbers are not working.
This obviously is not working so it is a police matter as the law is being broken.
"Croke Park needs to acknowledge that it's just not working.
We use a modified Baily--Chetty formula to analyze benefits for the not working and for marginal workers.
Furthermore, 23 cameras were not working due to issues related to hardware, power and connectivity while 26 cameras were dismantled.
Uber not working is annoying for riders but the app not working also has a severe impact on Uber drivers. 
However, he conceded that having just two appointment slots per day was not working and that there needed to be a better way.