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NOTENot Of This Earth
NOTENetwork Office Terminating Equipment
NOTENot Over There Either (also see NIMBY and BANANA)
NOTENational Organization for Tobacco Eradication (India)
NOTENetwork of Theological Enquiry (London, England, UK)
NOTENGN (Next Generation Network) Open Trial Exhibition (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation; Japan)
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Explaining to the note taker] She thought you was a copper's nark, sir.
And the note was accompanied by the usual envelope.
When the Professor had quite done with my mother's hand, and when I had warmly thanked him for his interference on my behalf, I asked to be allowed to look at the note of terms which his respectable patron had drawn up for my inspection.
As she took off her outer garment in the hall, she heard the footman, pronouncing his "r's" even like a Kammerjunker, say, "From the count for the princess," and hand the note.
The rest of your note I know means nothing; but I am so unequal to anything of the sort, that I hope you will excuse my begging you to take no farther notice.
In a minute more the bracelet and note were in her hands.
Beneath these lines was written in another hand: "See note above -- nothing can be done.
Then I took a ten- rouble note from the table and handed it to you by way of first instalment on my part for the benefit of your relative.
For it doth upbraid unto them their own fortunes, and pointeth at them, and cometh oftener into their remembrance, and incurreth likewise more into the note of others; and envy ever redoubleth from speech and fame.
It cost him two more months to catch a male bird; he then shut them up together, and having about the beginning of the year 1673 obtained some eggs from them, he released the female, which, leaving the male behind to hatch the eggs in her stead, flew joyously to Dort, with the note under her wing.
Open the note, take the chalk, and do as I command you.
These gamesters took little note of what was going on around them, and were interested in none of the appurtenances of the season, but played from morning till night, and would have been ready to play through the night until dawn had that been possible.