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NTNGNational Theatre of Northern Greece (est. 1961; Thessaloniki, Greece)
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Co-founders Tripp and Debbie Shwetz created the first Nothing Bundt Cakes with a focus on the warmth and nostalgia of its home-kitchen roots coupled with a modern approach highlighting sophisticated cake designs and imaginative decorations.
I believe it's true that some cultures are better at implementing the art of doing nothing.
1988 Nothing could have prepared him for his role in the most controversial paecommunity and struggling to control his vile urges.
The report says nothing about holding legally accountable the 100,000 gang members' 200,000 parents who are aiding and abetting their children's participation in severe criminal activity.
I was assigned to a spiritual director who instructed me to do nothing for 10 minutes.
Another describes being told by an immigration officer: 'I do not have the right to talk to you, because you have nothing to say.
FLOYD SMITH, former Toronto Maple Leafs coach, following a loss: "I have nothing to say and I'll only say it once.
A person is humble not because he knows very little or nothing at all, but because his assessment of himself is realistic.
And it is fun because if you're in the mood, absolutely nothing is boring, nothing at all.
In the third book of the miniseries Sex & the Supper Club, author Kristin Hardy's characteristically sophisticated prose creates a world of glamour in NOTHING BUT THE BEST.
Traders of these antiquities are really nothing more than highbrow fences, according to Atwood In some cases, the thieves act as agents for collectors seeking particular objects.
Her use of construction materials, the way the work occupies the gallery's corners, and especially the element of color seem indebted to Sze, though, title aside, there's nothing particularly precious or "cute" about Washburn's much heavier-feeling sculpture.