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NOVANorthern Virginia Community College
NOVANorthern Virginia
NOVANational Organization for Victim Assistance
NOVANormverbrauchsabgabe (Austrian tax)
NOVANederlandse Orde Van Advocaten (Dutch: Dutch Bar Association; est. 1952)
NOVANotification of Vehicle Arrivals (UK Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs)
NOVANetwork of Victim Assistance
NOVANational Office for Victims of Abuse (Ireland)
NOVANational Organization of Veterans' Advocates
NOVANurses Organization of Veterans Affairs
NOVANuovi Orizzonti Per Vivere l'Adozione (Italian adoption agency)
NOVANon-Violence Alliance (Middletown, CT)
NOVANova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo (General Motors)
NOVAProteiN, LigaNd and DNA Optimization in Vacuo (molecular modeling force field)
NOVANearing Our Victorious Ascent (Christian Music Ministry Group)
NOVANASA Open Volumes on Aerospace
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Alcazar is one of the few hot spots of the bossa nova era that is still standing.
Russell Ellwanger, Vice President and General Manager of Applied Materials' Planarization and Plating Product Business Group, said, "Our joint copper CMP program with ST and Nova is extremely beneficial and has helped us develop the advanced capabilities of the Applied Mirra Mesa system for copper technology.
This correspondence explains part of the character of the Astronomia nova because Fabricius provided Kepler with an indication of the points of resistance to his arguments.
According to a RRFB Nova Scotia, the increased handling fees will provide approximately $600,000 of new money to the province's Enviro-Depot system.
In the fourth quarter, Nova will debottleneck its Dylark SMA resin manufacturing at Beaver Valley, increasing capacity by 20 million lb/yr.
Unlike a supernova explosion, which destroys the entire star, a nova leaves the white dwarf intact, enabling it to later repeat its violent behavior.
NOVA Chemicals is implementing the contingency plans it developed in preparation for the strike to meet customer demand.
According to their theory, the white dwarf's strong gravity pulls matter from the companion star, and this is what causes the nova.
From the 17th-century records Shara, Moffat and Webbink determined the position of the nova as right ascension 19 hours 45 minutes 32.
NOVA Chemicals Corporation is a multinational producer of commodity chemicals, including ethylene, polyethylene, styrene, and polystyrene.
b) provide to Continental, along with the stock certificate and stock power, a written certificate addressed to Terra Nova and signed by the Converting Stockholder to the effect that: (i) the Converting Stockholder was a holder of record as of the Record Date for purposes of the special meeting of stockholders, (ii) the Converting Stockholder has held the shares the Converting Stockholder seeks to convert since the Record Date, (iii) the Converting Stockholder will continue to hold the shares through the closing date of the merger, and (iv) the Converting Stockholder wishes to convert his shares into a pro rata share of the trust account.
The combined size of Nova Development and Avanquest Software will make the company's American organization one of the Top 5 consumer software publishers in the United States, excluding Microsoft, and #1 in ten categories (source: The NPD Group; based on sales by dollars).