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NWNNeverwinter Nights (computer game)
NWNNorthwest Nissans
NWNNewbury Weekly News (est. 1867; UK)
NWNNowhere Near
NWNNew World Network (cable company)
NWNNorth West Network (UK)
NWNNonconforming Work Notice
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It is nowhere near being exhausted as far as exploration opportunities are concerned," Atkinson says.
Still more came back when buyers realized that their difficulties in trying to solve problems with a foundry in a neighboring state were nowhere near as frustrating as trying to solve the problem with someone halfway around the world whose native tongue is different.
In the overall scheme of things, wine production was nowhere near as important as cereal cultivation or animal husbandry, but since it was a commercial crop, almost all of it was marketed rather than consumed on the spot.
When you do restoration, if you've got a five-year time scale, that's nowhere near long enough," says Dewberry.
Of course, this literal layering of the elevations is nowhere near new, but here, it has been achieved with rare slenderness, dexterity and clarity, powerfully demonstrating some of the magical possibilities of modern metal in construction.
He was nowhere near hurting Miguel Cotto, nowhere near hurting Erislandy Lara.
Sterling is nowhere near ready to move to Real Madrid, for example.
After 34 years of marriage, Joe and Tina Simpson's decision to call it quits was just made legal, but the two are nowhere near final in terms of dividing up the assets.
He will only serve two years, nowhere near long enough.
He told a press conference: "It is nowhere near our valuation as a football club of Gary Cahill.
Redknapp said: "Woody is nowhere near at the moment.