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NWNNeverwinter Nights (computer game)
NWNNorthwest Nissans
NWNNewbury Weekly News (est. 1867; UK)
NWNNowhere Near
NWNNew World Network (cable company)
NWNNorth West Network (UK)
NWNNonconforming Work Notice
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In this respect, Geoff Walsh said, "However, it's nowhere near as severe this time around and thankfully our medical team has identified the symptoms early, allowing us to take a very proactive approach with his training and treatment."
"The relationship between Kevin Pietersen and Andy Flower hasn't changed from where I'm sitting and I'm sure what's being reported and what is out there is nowhere near the truth."
That would make him 61 this year, which also cannot be described as being nowhere near 63.
LUTON boss Mike Newell has revealed rival clubs' offers for Leon Barnett have been "nowhere near" his valuation of the young centre-back.
Bob Dylan is old enough to be selecting his Medicare prescription drug plan, but he's nowhere near retirement.
Yet three and a half years have passed, and the Iraqi army is nowhere near ready to take over.
That's enough food for a hen to notice, but nowhere near enough to satisfy its craving.
But residents said it was nowhere near as bad as last year's choking smog.
In mid-December, NBC News obtained a 400-page Pentagon document showing how the three-year-old Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) was conducting surveillance and collecting data on protesters nowhere near military facilities, such as an anti-recruitment Quaker group meeting in Lake Worth, Florida, and an antiwar demonstration at the decidedly nonmilitary intersection of Hollywood and Vine.
While these tactics offer a degree of security, it comes nowhere near the high level of certainty that digitally signed electronic documents provide.
RBsays: I'm reliably informed the Bridge is nowhere near big enough to hold Beckham and Mourinho's egos.
These folks earn nowhere near the nation's per-capita income of $9,400 a year.