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NSECNano Second
NSECNetwork Switching Engineering Center
NSECNanoscale Science and Engineering Center (Cambridge, MA)
NSECNorwegian Seafood Export Council (est. 1991; Norway)
NSECNational Security Engineering Center (US DoD)
NSECNorth-South Economic Corridor (transport route; Asian Development Bank)
NSECNational Safety Education Center (Northern Illinois University)
NSECNational Solar Energy Centre (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia)
NSECNational System for Emergency Coordination (US EPA)
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NSEC is being built to address the shortage of business space in north Staffordshire and provide accommodation for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's).
The court observed that a conspiracy among opthalmologists alone could not effectuate any alleged plan to horde the provision of NSEC and optical hardware.
For example, if the receiver design under consideration requires a minimum RF-pulse width of 250 nsec., then the minimum required dwell becomes ten clock cycles.
The distinction arises because main memory uses slow cheap Dynamic Memory (DRAM, 60-100 nsec. access time) while cache memory is expensive but fast Static Memory (SRAM, 10-20 nsec.).
"The occupant of the van was taken to NSEC Hospital with minor injuries.
"There were three patients in total, one was flown to th RVI, another was taken by road to the RVI and the third was taken to NSEC in Cramlington."
Official sources on Thursday said the other step was up-gradation of NSEC for HIC from higher secondary to graduation level H-9/4, Islamabad.
The laser features >44 W average 532 nm output power with short 30 nsec pulse widths for minimizing undesirable heat damage to the processed material and <3% pulse-to-pulse stability for highest process reproducibility and yields.
A built-in pulse function allows menu selectable pulse width and period from 250 nSec to 8 Sec.
In the measured example above, the coupled length was 4 inches, and the rise time of the incident signal was set at 0.2 nsec. We would have predicted the FEXT to be -0.005 X 4/0.2 = 10%.
6 June 2011 - Norway's seafood exports rose to a record monthly high of NOK4bn in May, up by 6% year-on-year, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council (NSEC) said Sunday.
Little did Louis Lumiere, the inventor of the first motion picture camera, know that one day there would be a camera able to capture pictures at exposure times as short as 50 nsec. Created by researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, N.M., in conjunction with Teledyne Imaging Sensors, Camarillo, Calif., the Camera on a Chip makes radiographic movies of ultrafast phenomena, using protons in place of x-rays as the illuminating source.