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NUCDEFNuclear Defense
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Department of Defense (DOD) Chemical and Biological Defense Program, which was established at congressional direction, the joint radiological and nuclear defense acquisition initiative was sponsored by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters.
Any fair-minded American who believes in a nuclear defense force must certainly believe in it for everybody.
A half a world away on the same day, the National Defense Industrial Association's chemical, biological and nuclear defense division held a conference at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, co-sponsored by the joint program executive office for chemical and biological defense.
Some forms of nuclear defense waste do not yet have viable disposition paths, Cantwell said.
According to the report, Edwin Lyman, a physicist who tracks nuclear defense issues, said the claim had "no direct relationship to weapons development" by the Iranians.
Jalili accused the international community of harassing Iran over its nuclear defense program, including the issue of nuclear centrifuges, in order to overshadow other issues, such as Israel's nuclear capability.
High levels of hazardous and radioactive wastes have been measured in groundwater or soil at eight Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear defense facilities, according to a General Accounting Office (GAO) report released last week.
The explosion that consumed Challenger should also reignite the controversy over the Star Wars nuclear defense system.
For decades, the workers here provided our military and our energy sector with critical natural resources, including enriched uranium for our countrys nuclear defense system.
Washington also reportedly plans to send strategic assets, which include aircraft carriers and military vehicles, amid North Korea's increasingly hostile actions and nuclear defense proliferation.
But the Department of Energy's latest proposal to move forward with the separate disposal of high-level radioactive nuclear defense waste from defense programs and used commercial nuclear fuel was met with skepticism by other panelists gathered by the Bipartisan Policy Center for a regional workshop in Richland.
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