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NUMBNorthwestern University Marching Band
NUMBNebraska United Methodist Bike Ride for Hunger (est. 1996)
NUMBNeonatal Unity for Mothers and Babies
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As the Marchioness Manson rose to her climax her face assumed an expression of ecstatic retrospection which would have moved Archer's mirth had he not been numb with amazement.
Pangs of hunger not so bad, but have a sort of numb feeling about the stomach.
There was snow on the ground, and Aunt Louisa had allowed herself the unaccustomed luxury of a fire in her bed-room; but in Philip's little room it was so cold that his fingers were numb, and he had great difficulty in undoing his collar.
Sometimes, thinking over this, I became quite numb with the terror of it; and I might well have deduced from this fact, that my 'last conviction' was eating into my being too fast and too seriously, and would undoubtedly come to its climax before long.
His arms felt numb, his legs almost gave way, it seemed to him that he was tired out.
He still felt numb all over and as if she was much too close to him.
and the elm replied, "Not particularly, but you do get numb standing so long on one leg," and he flapped his arms vigorously just as the cabmen do before they drive off.
Jane thanked M'ganwazam for his kindness, though her heart was numb with suffering at this new blow.
Numb, cold, and exhausted, Tara of Helium clung to the tree in growing desperation, for once she had dozed and almost fallen.
The foot in the boot with a hole in it had already grown numb, and he could no longer feel his big toe.
In those chill early hours we slept little, huddling together in numb misery and waiting for the sunrise in order to get warm.
So numb was Jerry from lack of circulation, and so weak from lack of water through part of a tropic day and all of a tropic night, that he stood up, tottered and fell, and, time and again, essaying to stand, floundered and fell.