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NURNational University of Rwanda
NURNuristani (linguistics)
NURNational Union of Railwaymen (UK)
NURNetwork Unavailability Rate
NURNet Unit Return
NURNatchez, Urania, and Ruston Railway Company
NURNitrate Utilization Rate
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Camp SNIs are undertaken by nursing students and their faculty to meet educational goals, not merely "meet the need" of the camp setting.
Michael in Schererville, thinks Copak's nursing gifts give her an inside track to getting people to open up about their problems and their hurts.
The study examined the loss costs for 12 for-profit nursing home chains representing 35% of licensed nursing home beds in Florida and 20% of those in the United States.
Rather, for purposes of determining the deductibility of medical care and nursing home expenses, the definition of "dependent" in Sec.
By law, medically eligible Medicaid patients receive unlimited, publicly financed custodial care in nursing homes of their choice.
A small number of nursing home executives are actively involved in some level of RHIO-related planning or activity.
Despite the similarities between allied health and nursing, there are obvious differences between the two professions.
In the present case, the nurse developed a recurrence of varicella after nursing a herpes zoster patient, although she had been infected by her sister when she was 5 years of age.
* Medicare beneficiaries' access to skilled nursing facilities.
3 After that the independence and efficacy of nursing was held very high by the catholic churches in the Middle Ages.
We accomplish our roles as nurses and define the care that is given through the foundation of the nursing process and by the application of critical thinking skills.
At Hospital A, I was particularly wary of the nursing assistants who often appeared to be confronting the intricacies of an automatic blood pressure machine or electronic thermometer for the very first time as they slowly and deliberately took me through the vital signs drill.
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