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OAROregon Administrative Rules
OAROffice of Applied Research (various organizations)
OAROffice of Admissions and Records (various schools)
OAROlympic Athletes from Russia
OAROrgan at Risk
OAROffice of Air and Radiation
OAROf A Revolution (band)
OAROriginal Aspect Ratio (for movies on DVD)
OAROnline Annual Reports
OAROracle Accounts Receivable
OAROptical Analog Receiver
OAROptical Application Router
OARMarina Municipal Airport (Marina, CA)
OAROffice of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
OAROregon Association of Realtors (Salem, OR)
OAROwner's Authorized Representative (various organizations)
OAROffice of AIDS Research (National Institutes of Health)
OAROpen Access Research
OAROffender Aid and Restoration
OAROverall Capitalization Rate
OAROffice of Administrative Rules
OAROperating After Revocation (law enforcement)
OAROffice of Alumni Relations (various universities)
OAROntario Action Researcher (electronic journal)
OAROpportunities, Alternatives and Resources
OAROrder of Augustinian Recollects (Religious Order)
OAROffice of Aerospace Research
OAROpen-Air Range
OAROfficer Aptitude Rating (Aviation Selection Test Battery)
OAROnline Annual Report
OAROnline Advertising Report
OAROff-Axis Ratio
OAROperations Assistance Request
OAROffice of Air Resources
OAROcular Albinism, Autosomal Recessive
OAROptical Application Router (Atoga)
OAROrganizational/Team Achievement Recognition
OAROrganized Avalanche Response
OAROpen Account Relation
OAROperational Assessment and Readiness
OAROverhead Administration Recovery
OAROrder of Agape and Reconciliation
OAROrdnance Alteration Requirement
OAROptically Pre-Amplified Receiver (Bellcore)
OAROrder Approving Replacement
OAROperator Access Record (AT&T)
OAROperational Analysis & Reporting
OAROhio Amblyope Registry (Columbus, OH)
OAROperational Availability and Reliability
References in classic literature ?
I can't see three seas off; tip us up an oar there, and let me on to that.
The ship had given us up, but was still cruising, if haply it might light upon some token of our perishing, --an oar or a lance pole.
My boat's crew, leaning over the looms of their oars, stared and listened as if at the play.
We pulled an easy stroke; but when the master of the brig, after a glance over his shoulder, stood up with a low exclamation, my men feathered their oars instinctively, without an order, and the boat lost her way.
The whole thing had been so rapid, so dreamlike, that the threads of ordinary association were broken; she sank down on the seat clutching the oar mechanically, and for a long while had no distinct conception of her position.
To guard against calms--when our salmon boat would be useless--we also had in readiness a light rowing skiff equipped with spoon- oars.
So by dint of punching and kicking I started one of my men into a state of somnambulism, and giving him an oar, took another and pulled towards the lights of the steamer.
With this assistant, I went down to the boat again, and we all came ashore, and brought out the oars, and rudder, and boat-hook, and all else, and hauled her up for the night.
At the same time the Genoese sailors thrust with their oars against the side of the cog, and a rapidly widening rift appeared between the two vessels.
The eight oars stopped, and resisting the water, created a retrograde motion.
This offended Alice a little, so there was no more conversation for a minute or two, while the boat glided gently on, sometimes among beds of weeds (which made the oars stick fast in the water, worse then ever), and sometimes under trees, but always with the same tall river-banks frowning over their heads.
It was that dull kind of a regular sound that comes from oars working in rowlocks when it's a still night.