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OASESOakland Asian Students Educational Services (California)
OASESOntario Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
OASESOutdoor and Sustainability Education Service (UK)
OASESOceanic Applied Sciences and Environmental Solutions (research corporation)
OASESOffice of Applied Sciences & Engineering Studies
OASESOcean, Atmosphere, and Space Environment Services
OASESOutpost for the Analysis and Spectroscopy of Exoplanetary Systems
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The project, to end in November 2019, has contributed to the improvement of the sustainable management of natural resources and the development of the diversification of livelihood in the targeted traditional oases during the 2014-2019 period.
The contract includes three modules: Core, Airworthiness and Planning, and it allows the airline access to Commsoft's private cloud to manage its OASES operations.
During their research, Professor Brkert and Professor Schlecht detected 2,430 oases in Northern Oman by using satellite images.
Zerouati recalled that oases are an essential element in protecting the environmental balance of the region and the planet as a whole.
The data would be used to create topographical maps that could find diverse applications, including the future protection of the oases and the promotion of cultural tourism.
(TAP) - The World Bank (WB) will provide funding during 2019 to carry out projects, as needed, for the "Ras El Ain" and "Old Oasis" oases in Nefta (Tozeur governorate), said Adel Zaka, president of the Sustainable Development Association at the Ras El Ain oasis.
The Tunisia Oases Ecosystems and Livelihood Project objective is to improve sustainable natural resources management and promote livelihoods diversification in selected oases.
(TAP) -- The project "Adaptive management and monitoring of the oasis systems in the Maghreb: Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia", whose implementation has been launched since September 2016 in Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania will be crowned by the creation of a platform statistics and an information system for the governance of oasis systems in the Maghreb countries, which have about 350 hectares of oases, said coordinator of the project Slah Abdeddaem in a statement to TAP on Monday.
Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems, is happy to declare that AirExplore, based in Bratislava, Slovakia, has signed a 5 year contract for the use of OASES.
(TAP) - Projects relating to biodiversity of mountain oases in the delegation of Tamaghza (governorate of Tozeur) are being implemented by the Association '' Support for Development Initiatives'', in the context of the Oasis System Sustainable Management Programme funded by the World Bank.
The World Bank today announced a grant of US$5.76 million from its Global Environment Facility to help improve the management of sustainable natural resources and promote the diversification of livelihoods in six oases in Tunisia.
(TAP)- The Djerid pole, managed by the company of industrial and technological complex of Tozeur organised, Monday, a partnership day of oases product as part of the Tozeur International Oasis Inhabitants Forum.