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OBIOracle Business Intelligence
OBIOklahoma Blood Institute
OBIOntology for Biomedical Investigations (project)
OBIOpen Buying on the Internet
OBIOperation Blessing International (Virginia Beach, VA)
OBIOpen Buying on the Internet (specification)
OBIOcean Biodiversity Informatics
OBIOn-Board Imager (radiation therapy)
OBIoperational business intelligence
OBIOutside Business Interest
OBIOrganisation du Baccalauréat International (French: International Baccalaureate Organization)
OBIOpen Back Inclinable (industrial press used in manufacturing)
OBIOak Beach Inn (Long Island, New York bar)
OBIOrion Bus Industries
OBIOriginator to Beneficiary Information (wiring of funds)
OBIOpen Bolt Indicator (firearm safety feature)
OBIOptical Beat Interference
OBIOmni Bearing Indicator
OBIOutdoor Basketball Initiative
OBIOrder of British India
OBIObliteration by Incorporation
OBIOntology-Supported Business Intelligence
OBIOchanomizu Bible Institute (Ochanomizu, Japan)
OBIOnline Banking & Investing (Keybank)
OBIOriginal Band Intact (album collecting)
OBIOther Bank Information
OBIOrder to Billing Interface
OBIOption By IBM
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The two companies have entered into a master services and clinical supply agreement for Abzena to provide OBI Pharma with additional manufacturing process development and GMP manufacture of OBI-999 and further ADCs.
We are extremely grateful to the restaurant and chef Obi for supporting our curriculum and for giving up his time to share his expertise.
This year, the Obi UAE Royals will be playing an extra match due to the odd number of teams in the competition.
Obi stopped selling phones in India early this year.
Wangus commended John Sculley, co-founded of Obi Mobiles and veteran
At Obi, we believe in building global brands and effective partnerships to channel our products to the right target groups," he said.
According to Sculley, Obi Mobiles is targeting "young consumers in the mid and affordable smartphone segments" and sells its devices "at disruptive price points in the market where premium brands have shown no interest in entering.
And United extended his trial, so Obi could compete in the Milk Cup.
According to the one of the Obi Terra village leaders, Mr.
The OBiTALK Approved Service Provider (ASP) program comes at an opportune time for service providers and OBi device owners alike.
Over the past two decades, lot of research has done to understand OBI and its clinical implications as OBI as a cause of chronic liver disease in patients with HBsAg-negative status is becoming an important disease entity6.
I shall then consider the possibility that by facilitating repatriation, OBI and a similar NGO exploited South Sudanese refugees in Israel or, alternatively, were negligent in failing to disclose accurate information about South Sudan to those considering repatriation.