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I am also an obituary writer in the sense that I cannot give any positive news to my readers.
Cilla Black had been in showbusiness for 50 years - surely the BBC have enough on Cilla to do a 25-page obituary.
Times have changed, and nowhere is that more evident than in the viral response to the beautiful obituary of the late Beth O'Rourke, a 44-year-old wife, mother and nurse from Paxton, who wrote her own death notice in the first person and infused her life story with heartbreaking love.
We're honored to have been selected by the LMC to provide the only obituary placement network which connects newspapers and funeral directors.
She couldn't believe it when she found a newspaper obituary for Perth man Norman Cooper Gordon, her husband's grandfather.
The obituary appeared in Reno Gazette-Journal in both print and online on Tuesday, but the local Nevada, U.
According to the Huffington Post, the Times' headlined the obituary as 'Yvonne Brill, Pioneering Rocket Scientist, Dies At 88'.
His obituary had to be pieced together from a variety of sources.
On Thursday, HRC and CAR called on the paper to change its obituary policy of not including the names of unmarried couples in obituaries.
For the first time in history, broadcast media can now provide obituary news, which was traditionally an exclusive offering of local print media," said Elaine Haney, President of Tributes.
Such arrangements allow Tributes to leverage its Internet platform to greatly enhance obituary offerings, while developing new revenue streams for both Tributes and its partner base.
Colquhoun, a former obituary column editor for the magazine, and Wroe, the current column editor, offer the obituaries of 199 people, from famous to scandalous to unknown, and a parrot.