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(4) Between content and objective there is sometimes a very wide gulf, for example in the case of "Caesar crossed the Rubicon." This gulf may, when it is first perceived, give us a feeling that we cannot really " know " anything about the outer world.
(5) The objective reference of a belief is connected with the fact that all or some of the constituents of its content have meaning.
The reason is that objective reference is of the essence of belief, and objective reference is derived from meaning.
The content is different in the two cases, but its objective reference is the same.
It may be said that even in this very simple case the objective reference of the word-content is not quite the same as that of the image-content, that images have a wealth of concrete features which are lost when words are substituted, that the window in the image is not a mere window in the abstract, but a window of a certain shape and size, not merely to the left of the door, but a certain distance to the left, and so on.
Not any series of words is a proposition, but only such series of words as have "meaning," or, in our phraseology, "objective reference." Given the meanings of separate words, and the rules of syntax, the meaning of a proposition is determinate.
But, you should certainly consider setting yourself a career objective, as it can have numerous advantages, not to mention that employers love it, especially when you include it in your curriculum vitae (CV).
CapMan's prior objective was to pay at least 75% of earnings per share as dividend.
The objectives can be customised for different magnifications by adding various extension tubes.
Objective lenses are the primary lenses used across the globe to observe minute specimens and magnify objects that are invisible to the naked eye.
For a long time, I used some very specific business objectives for major accounts ("We will increase turnover by X percent" or "We will introduce two new programs to increase profitability by Y percent.") But I began to understand that these business objectives were not enough.