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This report describes two cases of obliterative bronchiolitis in workers in a coffee-processing facility, an industry in which obliterative bronchiolitis had not been identified previously.
Obliterative bronchiolitis might be underdiagnosed in workers in the food and flavoring industries.
Obliterative bronchiolitis in a 13-year-old pre-transplant cystic fibrosis patient.
Characterisation of severe obliterative bronchiolitis in rheumatoid arthritis.
the obliterative bronchiolitis cases showed relatively more mast cells within the airway epithelium when compared to the asthma and emphysema controls
a distinction in the overall amount of c-KIT (CD117) staining between the cases of chemical exposure and the other cases of obliterative bronchiolitis was not made, but the staining of c-KIT (CD117) did appear to reflect the severity of fibrosis within individual small airways
In addition to the previously mentioned case, an explanted lung specimen demonstrating obliterative bronchiolitis after massive ammonia exposure prompted us to examine the role of mast cells in chemical inhalation and to compare it to obliterative bronchiolitis due to other causes.
Case records from the previous 20 years were reviewed for all diagnoses of obliterative bronchiolitis in our 2 hospitals.
Experimental large-animal model of obliterative bronchiolitis after lung transplantation.
Development of obliterative bronchiolitis after allogeneic rat lung transplantation: implication of acute rejection and the time point of treatment.