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OBOEOpen Business Objects for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
OBOEOpen Business Object Environment (object technology)
OBOEOff By One Error
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The soprano has many trills in its imitative duet with the oboe.
The shot-up Yellow Oboe made an emergency landing at the airfield.
The oboe is a difficult instrument, beautiful when played well, horrible when played poorly.
The oboe is a conical-bore, double reed, and woodwind instrument with a characteristic sound produced by harmonic overtones within a tonal spectrum up to 7,000 Hz.
The outsider, in this case, is a Brazilian drifter named Augusto (Paulo Betti), and his "weapon" is not a gun but an oboe. A man with no past -- and a heart condition that gives him little time left to live -- he shows up in an unnamed, seemingly deserted village in the interior of Latin America, where nothing transpires except for deaths and burials, which have become so commonplace that the apathetic townspeople no longer attend them.
Accordingly, in the six recordings under review we encounter Dot only original works and Bach's own transcriptions (the harpsichord concertos BWV1044, 1052 and 1054 and the gamba sonata BWV1027), but also modern reconstructions (the oboe concertos BWV1053a and 1059a and the three-violin concerto BWV1064R) and modern transcriptions (the fifth cello suite for viola da gamba and all six cello suites for lute).
The coda unifies these oppositions by casting the music in the key of E flat, exchanging the opening rhythmic patterns of the oboes and clarinets, and combining them to fill a whole bar with clarinet call and oboe response (see Ex.
According to the usual Greek version, Marsyas found the oboe that the goddess Athena had invented and, after becoming skilled in playing it, challenged Apollo to a contest with his lyre.
Fretting over reeds affects virtually every musician who plays oboe, bassoon, saxophone or clarinet - and rightfully so.
The grand opening concert saw Mark Baigent play an oboe concerto by Dittersdorf before symphonies by C P E Bach and Haydn were performed by the English Haydn Festival Orchestra.