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OBOLOpen Bio-Ontology Language (computing)
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Galatian ruler Deiotarus, deposited as obols in the mouths of the
Second, Lysias ([paragraph][paragraph] 12-13) claimed that the grain merchants violated the stricture limiting profits to one obol per medimnus of grain.
The price recorded in the Stelai is ten drachmas and one obol.
An obol for nearly four litres of grain, the city is cheap;' then to the olive market, `a litre of olives for two coppers'; then to the clothes market, `a tunic for ten drachmas
The use of the "three obol" motif is probably an allusion to Iamblichus, Protrepticus, 125, 1-8, who there interprets the Pythagorean akousma "a figure and a stepping stone, not a figure and three obols.
Euclid told his assistant to give the student an obol (a small coin), "Since he must profit from whatever he learns.
An inscription reads [GREK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], designating the wine as cheap plonk, since, according to Hesychius' gloss, the phrase referred to wine sold at three kotylai for one obol.