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OBSCOsler Bluff Ski Club (Canada)
OBSCOral-B Sonic Complete (toothbrush)
OBSCOracle Balanced Scorecard
OBSCOcala Breeders’ Sales Co.
OBSCOliveira do Bairro Sport Clube (Portugese)
OBSCOttawa Beavers SCUBA Club (Canada)
OBSCOpen Bible Standard Church
OBSCOcean Beach Surf Club (Lavallette, NJ)
OBSCOuter Banks Skate Camp (North Carolina)
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proposed to utilize a couple of pictures to assess a more precise obscure portion, which can lessen the deblurring antiquities.
Mr Phillips, who chairs the Welsh Government's National Advice Agency, said in a statement: "I am very distressed to have been found guilty of a very narrow and obscure technical infringement, that had no environmental impact or damage and no public danger.
When we do the LP it will all be pretty obscure stuff, none of the usual Good Golly Miss Molly, sort of number.
The council's planners decided the extension does comply with regulations, but ordered obscure glazing to preserve his privacy.
He explained: "It's a mixture of playing and sampling stuff as we're playing, and also sampling pretty obscure records.
3 : not easily understood or clearly expressed <I struggled with an obscure chapter in the book.
The bands mostly cover 1970s and 1980s trash punk tunes from bands like the Wipers and the Kids and more obscure stuff, by some equally obscure bands, although hopefully you've heard of a few of them (Carbonas, Tyrades, Heartattacks, Feelers) .
While attending the World Figure Skating Championships in Paris in March 1989, I helped purchase a final installment of printing equipment to be delivered to a third-floor walk-up office in an obscure arrondissement.
While these men seem obscure both to us and to Aaron, they were not obscure to God and were chosen to act as prophets, by no one other than God.
When Little Britain first appeared on our screens, it was weird, obscure and very, very funny.