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OBSCOsler Bluff Ski Club (Canada)
OBSCOral-B Sonic Complete (toothbrush)
OBSCOracle Balanced Scorecard
OBSCOcala Breeders’ Sales Co.
OBSCOliveira do Bairro Sport Clube (Portugese)
OBSCOttawa Beavers SCUBA Club (Canada)
OBSCOpen Bible Standard Church
OBSCOcean Beach Surf Club (Lavallette, NJ)
OBSCOuter Banks Skate Camp (North Carolina)
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The website application form states what they are looking for: "Pointless is the quiz show where the obvious answers mean nothing and obscure answers mean EVERYTHING.
From July 2004 to April 2017, 2806 patients who underwent double-balloon enteroscopy, including 562 patients with obscure digestive tract bleeding, 457 patients with obscure diarrhea, 930 patients with obscure abdominal pain, 795 patients with obscure weight loss, and 62 patients with obscure intestinal obstruction, were examined.
And that's not to mention his bizarre group of neo-Warholian gangster films (Love Is Colder Than Death, Gods of the Plague) and items so obscure (his first two shorts, The City Tramp and The Little Chaos) that few save scholars have ever seen them.
"The more tiny the idea, the more obscure the allusions, the more likely no one has ever thought such a vision of the Greeks possible (and for good reason), the more conferences, colloquia, and chat rooms -- the better for one's career."
And lest anyone forget, the powerful social movements that stopped the Vietnam War, won civil rights and environmental legislation, and produced a giant leap forward in the status of women and gays and lesbians started with the sort of small, obscure protests that Ryan thinks The Progressive shouldn't cover.
Meanwhile, Ventura's plan would reduce current state payments to cities and towns, a complex subsidy system that obscures the true cost of local services.
And more perplexing is the fact that the NAB had accepted without question the allegation levelled by the 'obscure' columnist of laundering nearly $5 billion of Pakistani money by the former PM to the enemy country, sourcing his story on a World Bank Report published in 2016 which had projected an assumed amount of money, which immigrants world-wide would notionally remit to their home countries.
Goldstein and Fattal [16] proposed to assess the power range of the obscure piece with an unearthly brightening equation.
Mr Phillips, who chairs the Welsh Government's National Advice Agency, said in a statement: "I am very distressed to have been found guilty of a very narrow and obscure technical infringement, that had no environmental impact or damage and no public danger.
The strange alliance came about after the group sent Mr Peel a tape of four very obscure old rock numbers.
Science Unshackled: How Obscure, Abstract, Seemingly Useless Scientific Research Turned Out to Be the Basis for Modern Life considers how obscure studies of natural phenomena turned into modern innovations from GPS to WiFi and pain medication, and provides a fine survey of how scientific curiosity becomes linked to invention.
A SUTTON Coldfield homeowner has been told to put obscure glazing in windows on their new extension to prevent an invasion of privacy.