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OPOriginal Poster
OPOperator (IRC)
OPOpus (Latin: A Work; used in referring to music)
OPOriginal Poster (internet newsgroups and message boards)
OPOther People
OPOne Piece (Anime)
OPOcean Pacific
OPOut of Print
OPOffice of the President
OPOpportunity (Ads)
OPOutput (Hyper Logo command)
OPOffice Professional
OPOak Park (Illinois)
OPOpposite (volleyball position)
OPOutput Power
OPOrganized Play (gaming)
OPOutpost (gaming)
OPOperating Profit
OPOrder of Preachers (Roman Catholicism; Dominican)
OPOverland Park (Kansas)
OPOld Patient
OPOral Presentation
OPOff-Peak (time)
OPOperating Procedure(s)
OPOverpowered (gaming)
OPOpening Post (internet message boards)
OPOrder Processing
OPOutreach Program
OPOne Power (Wheel of Time series)
OPOlympic Peninsula (Washington)
OPOffice of Policy (Social Security)
OPOptimus Prime (Leader of the Autobots, icon of the 80s)
OPOperating Pressure
OPOperator Panel
OPOil Pulling
OPOpposing Party (legal notation and billing)
OPObservation Point
OPOrganophosphate (insecticide)
OPOffice Productivity (course)
OPOptical Power
OPOrifice Plate (flowmeters)
OPOrder of Precedence
OPObservation Post
OPOsuuspankki (Finnish banking cooperative)
OPOperationssaal (German: Operating Room)
OPOriginal Production
OPOpen Pollinated (botany)
OPOrganophosphorus (pesticide)
OPOld Persian (linguistics)
OPOropharynx (anatomy)
OPOsmotic Pressure
OPOperation Phoenix (San Bernadino, CA after school program)
OPOperating Plan
OPOverly Powerful
OPOxidative Phosphorylation
OPOpportunities Page (CECOM)
OPOperational Priority (US Navy)
OPOffensive Power (online gaming)
OPOperations Order
OPOrdinis Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers)
OPOrdo Praedicatorum (Latin: Order of Preachers; formal name of Dominicans, a Catholic religious institution)
OPOrthographic Projection
OPOver Powered (gaming)
OPOperations Procedures
OPOrdnance Personnel (US Navy)
OPOxygen Pressure
OPOutpatient Pharmacy
OPOperational Program
OPOther Procurement
OPOriginal Pack (pharmacology)
OPOrder Point
OPOperation Officer (Navy)
OPOcciput Posterior (fetal position)
OPOil Purifier
OPOperational Picture
OPOsteitis Pubis
OPOrder of the Pelican (Society for Creative Anachronism)
OPOperation Point
OPOpponens Pollicis
OPOuvrier Professionnel (French: Professional Worker)
OPOptional Procedure
OPOral Production (test)
OPOccupation Permit (Hong Kong)
OPOperations Panel
OPOlden Polynice (basketball player)
OPOriginating Party
OPOligodendrocyte Progenitor
OPOver-Proof (of alcohol)
OPOperation Register
OPOpacity Project
OPOral Participation
OPOutsource Philippines
OPOptimal Partitioning (sectorization method)
OPOrbit Prediction
OPOperator Personal
OPOrbiter Payload
OPOrienteering Problem
OPOrdnance Pamphlet
OPOhjelmointiputka (Finnish programming site)
OPOutpicked (gaming)
OPOrdnance Publication
OPOperational Phase/Project
OPOpponents Pollicis
OPDominican Sisters of Divine Providence (religious order)
OPOvernight Per Diem
OPOverlap Pulsing
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In contrast, tourists aren't welcome at Observation Post 717, though about 15 miles south of the outpost a souvenir shop sells DMZ Special Blend liquor.
Turkey was mandated to guarantee the deal in Idlib, along with Russia, and was given the greenlight to enter into the northwestern Syrian province and set up observation posts to monitor violence and ensure peace in the region.
Scholz, of Solway Firth Partnership, at observation post. Pic: Colin Hattersley
Originally, 65 Degrees North had planned to spend much of the afternoon at the observation post, but were forced to curtail their time there to make up time lost following earlier storms.
He voiced the intentions to create living conditions for the observation post and build additional spacious housing.
The present observation post on the top of the tower was built in the 1950s, and measures roughly eight foot square.
The head of the Gamalama observation post said a second eruption in a week caused the ash to spew more than 1,000m into the air.
There's no observation post and no facilities for visitors to do anything other than depart the airport or greet arrivals.
The company has been taking the system to police and home land security shows and offering it as a tool for crowd control or as a border observation post.
10 by the American Army said, "During the month of September 2009, Multi National Force - West returned Camp Baharia, Observation Post Castillo and Sahl Sinjar Airfield to Iraqi control."
Recalling his period of military service in France in the First World War, the esteemed don writes: 'At one point I was told to deal with some Germans who were said to be using the cathedral at Noyon as an observation post. I was sure that they were, but at first I had qualms about firing on the noble Gothic building which was in full view from my post on a small hill.
KFAR SHUBA: Dozens of Lebanese protesters briefly took over an unmanned Israeli observation post in a disputed south Lebanon border region and hoisted Lebanese and Hezbollah flags on Friday.
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