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OBVOn Balance Volume (market momentum indicator that relates volume to price change; developed by Joseph Granville)
OBVOperation Black Vote (UK)
OBVObject Script Visual Interface
OBVOrbital Boost Vehicle
OBVOutside Broadcast Van (various companies)
OBVOxidizer Bleed Valve (US NASA)
OBVOrganic Bamboo Velour (cloth product)
OBVObligated Volunteer (Vietnam era term of service classification for certain Army officers)
OBVOn Board Video
OBVOrder Book Value (business/finance)
OBVÖsterr Bridgesport Verband (Austrian Bridge Federation)
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"Obviously we won 4-0 today but there's obviously stuff we can work on and it's going to be a tough game next week at Wolves," he said.
He added "...a kind of divide and rule tactic using a very senior Ambassador to put pressure but obviously we told him to ...
Obviously we want to see them as early as possible, but we've got to trust Silva and the medical team that they'll get their opportunity when they're fit and ready.
1 Obviously sent influencer Leo Chan on a four-month cruise for Cunard and Plymouth Gin.
had come in to pay nothing for obviously, we down McAnthony
I think the most important thing is the size of the club, the culture of the club, the players, the manager and obviously the fans, who make the club this special.
Obviously I managed to get through a bunch of matches and did okay.
You have to approach it as just another hockey game, obviously a very important one and you just have to try your hardest.
Obviously this is simply disgraceful considering the impact on the educational needs of our children and the community.
Willett was made aware of the article during Wednesday's practice round at Hazeltine and later said: "I'd just like to apologise obviously to everyone involved for what's been said.
"It was obviously a bit concerning a few days ago but once we got here and got into the hotel, came to the venue and saw what it was like here, I think that made everyone a lot more comfortable." Ten per cent of the tickets in the 13,000- seater arena have been sold to Brits - and many more could get briefs in Belgium.
"We had a very good long meeting with the President, obviously passing on all our European support from the EU for the talks in view of a settlement of the Cyprus issue," she said in a press statement after the meeting.