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7) The intertextual approach to the poem was galvanized by Pumpiansky's 1939 article on Pushkin's appropriation and subversion of the eighteenth-century odic tradition and Lednicki's magisterial 1955 volume on Pushkin's polemic with Adam Mickiewicz, in which he notes the poem's "mosaic character" in relation to its various sources (Kahn, Pushkin's The Bronze Horseman, 17; L.
The rule also stipulates extensive record keeping requirements, requiring manufacturers and importers maintain for five years numerous documents including: a Children's Product Certificate for each product; records of each third party certification test (for each manufacturing site); descriptions of all material changes in product design, manufacturing process, component part sourcing; test values and certification test runs; undue influence procedures and peri odic or production testing plans and results.
In turning, for example, to Lanier's long 1876 Psalm of the West, a poem written, like the "Centennial Meditation," to celebrate the first one hundred years of the United States, one is struck by the proliferation of metrical forms across Lanier's many pages, from the free verse, odic opening stanzas to the ballad-like sestets and sonnets, along with much else, that follow.
The long poem, by contrast, is a more expansive structure but utilizes the odic invocations, a technique identifiable in the classical epics of Hesiod and Homer.
Those odic apostrophes, however, originate not in Larkin's vision of the moon but rather in the illusion that nature involves itself in the course of human affairs.