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OFFSOpposed Flow Flame Spread (US NASA)
OFFSOptical Fiber Field Sensor
OFFSOh, for Flip's Sake (polite form)
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If you do not pick off the runner, you will at least shorten his lead on the following pitch and increase your chances of getting the force at 3rd.
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Also taking into account Bryant's rushed, court-related trips to Colorado, this time off clearly will be valuable to the Lakers, even if it comes with a downside.
Batch off lines offered by principal machine suppliers are designed and built primarily in modular form.
Historically, when a domestic corporation sought to spin off a foreign subsidiary, Internal Revenue Code section 1248(f) provided the principal impediment.
For example, the IRS could adopt an advance ruling policy that section 355(e) will not apply where (1) the taxpayer represents and warrants that there were no agreements or understandings at the date of the distribution between the distributing and controlled corporations, on the one hand, and a would-be acquirer (or its shareholders), on the other, that could reasonably have been expected to lead to a change in control after the spin off, and (2) no change in control occurs within six months of the distribution.
Under the regulations, a taxpayer is deemed to have charged off a modified debt if: (1) the debt was significantly modified during the tax year and the modification resulted in gain recognition by the taxpayer under Regs.
The "Reality Gap," which is the difference between the amount of debt consumers say they will pay off in the next month compared to the amount of debt they actually pay off a month later, narrowed to the three points, the lowest level in the history of the Index.
Conversely, 73% of Americans have paid off debt, with 50% paying off a little and 23% paying off a lot.
The survey also asked consumers who plan to use credit cards whether they plan to pay them off when the bills arrive in January.