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OFOld French
OFofficer (NATO)
OFOptical Fiber
OFOutfield (Baseball, Softball)
OFOld Fart
OFOutput File (Linux command line)
OFOil Fired
OFOld Face
OFOpposing Force
OFOutFront (web development help site and forum community)
OFOverland Flow
OFOriginal Formulation (pharmaceutical)
OFOptional Form
OFObstacle Free
OFOpen Firmware
OFOverflow Flag
OFOperation Firestorm
OFObjective Force (US Army)
OFOperand Fetch (Von Neumann cycle step)
OFObject Finance
OFOwner's Funds (finance)
OFOrdem dos Farmacêuticos (Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society)
OFOsservatorio Finanziario (Italian: Financial Observatory)
OFOlivier Fraysse
OFOptical Fuse (Delaire)
OFOver-Water Fetch (meteorology)
OFOld Fettesian (Fettes College; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
OFOsvobodilna Fronta
OFOsseointegration Foundation
OFOne Fitness Sdn. Bhd (Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia)
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That sounded pretty stupid, and I hate it when people talk to me stupid like that, so I got into my confrontational, Lumbee red-neck cultural-style mode, and asked the Old Fart in his bow tie and suspenders and broken glasses what he wrote about.
I know I sound like an old fart, but to just cast all that racing history aside is, I believe, little short of vandalism.
BIG Brother evictee Tim Culley (right) confirmed on Friday night that he's the arrogant, conceited boring old fart we all thought he was, writes RACHEL MAINWARING.
It is not very cool to say it, but animals give you a great sense of belonging" Actor Martin Clunes, who has taken to the country life "I don't want to sound like some poor middle-aged old fart that had this huge success in her 20s - I'm lucky to be still in there"Actress Susan Penhaligon, now 61
When I said he was becoming an old fart, he bought some "trendy" clothes which looked ridiculous.
WEDNESDAY'S Telegraph carried the following small ad lifted from The Oldie magazine: "Good looking, happy old bat, 58, seeks ditto old fart up to 63.
Make the most of your wonderful youth, lads, because you'll be an old fart propping up the bar before you know it.
Phil Taylor tweeted: "I wish this silly old fart would take a one-way trip to Switzerland.
Call me an old fart but I stopped watching cartoons when I learned how to use the remote control.
But it went ahead after a 30-minute delay and as arguments in favour of the sale unfolded, even the staunchest old fart began to see sense in an alliance with the wind of change.
Howell, pompous old fart that he is, reminds us the Cons never fundamentally changed from Thatcher to Cameron.
As one who hasn't mastered the art of texting yet, and who breaks out in a cold sweat when the batteries in my computer mouse need changing, I am now officially an Out of Touch Old Fart.