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OOOwner Operator (trucking industry; also seen as O/O)
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OOOriginal Oratory
OOOfficers Only
OOOmbudsman's Office
OOOsteoid Osteoma
OOObiettivi Operativi
OOOrdering Officer
OOOperator Office (trunks)
OOOphthalmic Optician
OOOld Oakhamian
OOOptimistic Orators (Toastmasters Club)
OOOnderling Onafhankelijk (Dutch)
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It is therefore important today to take the necessary measures to allow Tunisian olive oil to maintain its good position in the world rankings and to progress notably by moving towards promising markets.
Besides, the export markets for packaged olive oil, which are currently limited to four countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Canada, the United States and France, should be diversified.
The consumption of olive oil in Slovenia is a good liter per capita, which is much less than in Greece, where an annual consumption of 20 liters of olive oil per capita is consumed.
In essence, extra virgin olive oil is more similar to fresh-squeezed fruit juice than it is to an aged wine.
Cancer and heart disease, which olive oil is thought to reduce the risk of, are two of the biggest killers of people worldwide.
Over the last three decades, olive oil production in Turkey, especially in Izmir, has grown immensely.
Considered one of the most prestigious and trusted olive oil competitions in the world, NYIOOC features nearly 700 olive oils from 25 countries.
There are over 100,000 commercial olive tree growers in Lebanon, according to Mariam Eid, who is responsible for overseeing the olive oil division at the Ministry of Agriculture's agro-industries department.
We want to get their trust by showing how dishes they enjoy in restaurants that are prepared by professional chefs can easily be recreated at home using Doaa Elena Olive Oil.
Olive oil may fight this by activating the autophagy process and reducing brain inflammation.
Academic, scientific, and enthusiastic, this book makes strong arguments for incorporating olive oil into your daily life.
Scientists have discovered a range of beneficial compounds naturally found in extra virgin olive oil, depending on the brand selected.