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OLMOracle Learning Management (software)
OLMOptical Link Management
OLMOracle Lease Management
OLMon Line Media
OLMOnline Learning Magazine
OLMon Line Music
OLMOrbit Library Manager
OLMOrder Line Managing
OLMOnline Learning Modules
OLMOptical Link Module
OLMon Line Maps
OLMon Line Manual
OLMOffice of Land Management (various locations)
OLMOrdained Local Ministry
OLMOrganizational Leadership and Management (various schools)
OLMOur Lady of Muswell (UK)
OLMOnline Legal Marketing (Santa Cruz, CA)
OLMOptical Link Modules
OLMOzone Limiting Method (US EPA)
OLMOffice Live Mail (software)
OLMOrc Lives Matter (gaming)
OLMOffice of Legacy Management (US DOE)
OLMOn-Line Maintenance
OLMOverload Message (Signaling System #7)
OLMOn-Line Media
OLMOperational Loads Monitoring
OLMChivalric Order of La Mancha (La Mancha, Scotland)
OLMOff Line Maintenance
OLMOffshore Logistics Management
OLMObnoxious Loud Mouth
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The court was informed that the total cost of the OLM project was Rs165 billion Rs150bn Chinese loan and Rs15bn local fund but the local component escalated due to unplanned land acquisition and the award of the Rs11.39bn contract.
The best methods are DME from SEA or R-355 from OLM. The disadvantage of the latter is that it's probably the same nav you'll use outbound on the localizer, so you'll need to switch frequencies, re-identify the localizer, and turn.
Caption: Figure 2: (a) LPS (100 ng/mL)-induced stimulation of TF PCA (left ordinate, log scale) and Ag (right ordinate) downregulated by AT1R blockade through Olmesartan (OLM, [10.sup.-6] M).
'Olms can survive hundreds of metres below the Earth's surface in huge cave systems, yet their conservation is intrinsically linked to the management of land and rivers above ground.'
Olmi, reared from a nymph of an unknown species of Cicadellidae showing two cysts, 1 [female] (OLM).
The road to this off-Broadway run began in 1999 when Olm, who has written two other original musicals, "Mulberry" and "Obits," discovered the Gnostic gospels--and his calling.
Olm buries the two horrified children in holes up to their waists with their hands shackled behind them.
Voituron, a professor at Claude Bernard Lyon University, and his team calculated growth rates, generation times and the lifespan of olms living in a cave at Moulis, Saint-Girons, France.
As the OLM I hope to be working closely with those in the town involved with young people, exploring how God is calling us to get alongside them.
Coaching staff included: Manager Paul Lindstrom, Coaches Charlie Kozey and Donald Chace, Scorekeeper Dan Olm and General Manager Lisa Lindstrom.
Kathryn went with Norma to the awards in London and saw her collect her Believe In Me Award from Holby City actress Amanda Mealing and Peter O'Hara, managing director of OLM - a children's and adult's social services systems provider.
Though he was some way outside his target of 2h 50m his time of 3h Olm remained impressive in the circumstances.