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ONBOrthonormal Basis (mathematics)
ONBOld National Bancorp
ONBOpera Nazionale Balilla (Italian: National Opera Balilla; youth organization)
ONBOn Board (philately; Zeppelin mail designation)
ONBOperation New Birmingham (Alabama)
ONBOne Night Band
ONBOesterreichische Nationalbank (Austria)
ONBOptimal Normal Basis
ONBOrdine Nazionale Dei Biologi (Italian: National Order of Biologists)
ONBOnset of Nucleate Boiling
ONBOpéra National de Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux National Opera; Bordeaux, France)
ONBOcala National Bank (Florida)
ONBOrder of New Brunswick
ONBOccipital Nerve Block
ONBOrienteering New Brunswick
ONBOn Blocks (aircraft arrived at parking position)
ONBOren Nayar Blinn (form of shading used in 3D graphics)
ONBOcean Networks Branch
ONBOur Neighbor Barry (band)
ONBOvernight Bin
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"Sir," says he, "I find you are in some disorder in your thoughts at my talk: pray be pleased to go which way you think fit, and depend upon it, I'll do you all the service I can." Upon this we fell into further discourse, in which, to my alarm and amazement, he spoke of the villainous doings of a certain pirate ship that had long been the talk of mariners in those seas; no other, in a word, than the very ship he was now on board of, and which we had so unluckily purchased.
We did not come to the other port (the wind being contrary) for five days; but it was very much to our satisfaction, and I was thankful when I set my foot on shore, resolving, and my partner too, that if it was possible to dispose of ourselves and effects any other way, though not profitably, we would never more set foot on board that unhappy vessel.
Nor did it fail of its usual operations upon the fancy, by heightening every danger; representing the English and Dutch captains to be men incapable of hearing reason, or of distinguishing between honest men and rogues; or between a story calculated for our own turn, made out of nothing, on purpose to deceive, and a true, genuine account of our whole voyage, progress, and design; for we might many ways have convinced any reasonable creatures that we were not pirates; the goods we had on board, the course we steered, our frankly showing ourselves, and entering into such and such ports; and even our very manner, the force we had, the number of men, the few arms, the little ammunition, short provisions; all these would have served to convince any men that we were no pirates.