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OoTDOne of These Days (Pink Floyd song)
OoTDOutfit of the Day (fashion)
OoTDOut of the Darkness
OoTDOrder of the Dragon (gaming guild, World of Warcraft)
OoTDOut of the Dust
OoTDOffer of the Day (Offers.com)
OoTDOut of the Dryer
OoTDOrder of the Dragonriders (Age of Conan gaming guild)
References in classic literature ?
You will tell me a different tale one of these days,' said Harry, colouring without any perceptible reason.
Well, you just own up, first, that you DID hide that money there, intending to give me the slip one of these days, and come back and dig it up, and have it all to yourself.
After he had committed this savage outrage upon my brother, he turned to me, and said that was the way he meant to serve me one of these days,--mean- ing, I suppose, when I came into his possession.