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ONIEOpen Network Install Environment (Linux)
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As mentioned above, although the operational performance of the ONIE for the fiscal year 2011 was satisfactory, there remained some problems in regard to non-formal and informal education.
The AS4610 access switches ship with ONIE, which manages the installation of compatible NOS options in the disaggregated network model.
Thidz idz onie ariea in whish media san play a pivotal and non-partidzan rolie.
Onie was very active in the community and was a member of the Royal Purple Ladies for over 50 years.
Hooks; Onie Sims, Whittier, Calif.; Fred Reichart, Lafayette, Ind.; Frank Carey, Monson, Mass.; Erwin L.
Onie Espanto | Arab News <p>JEDDAH: A Filipino has been felicitated for returning around SR1.2 million that he found outside a cash machine to its rightful owner in Tabuk last week.
Onie Grosshans, HSD, Retired Department Chair, Health Promotion and Education, University of Utah
Headquartered in New York, the new company is onie of the nation's largest business-to-business media firms with 113 trade magazines, 145 Web sites, and 96 trade shows.
A doot thon maun be the waurst bit "Scots" (Ulster or onie sort) A'v seen in ma haill life.
Gin A head as monie sons as A hae hairs on ma heid, A wadna want a fairer death for onie o thaim.
His knife see rustic Labour dight, An' cut you up wi' ready sleight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright Like onie ditch; And then, O what a glorious sight, Warm-reekin, rich!
ONIE OF THE HOTTEST TOPICS IN WASHINGTON THIS SUMMER HAS BEEN possible changes to the regulation of the government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).