onlaeOrganismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spain)
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And this is the current legal regime regarding the distribution of the profits from sports betting, which is regulated by Royal Decree 419/1991, dated 27thMarch, regulating the distribution of the revenue and prize money from sports betting controlled by the State and other games managed by the ONLAE (in the version resulting from the modification made by the subsequent Royal Decree 258/1998, dated 20th February).
(hereinafter, "the company"), filed a judicial review against the Resolution dated 9th May 1997, of the Sub-secretariat of the Ministry of Finance and Taxation, rejecting its previous appeal against ONLAE's Resolution dated 3rd January 1997, which denied authorisation "for the exercise of the activity of national and international betting brokerage on sporting competitions."
These 3 requests were rejected by the ONLAE. This decision was subsequently ratified by the Ministry of Finance and Taxation, as stated above.
* As a brokerage with nationwide scope was requested, "the public body with jurisdiction to decide whether to authorise the request is the ONLAE" and not the Interior Ministry or the Autonomous Communities of Aragon and Madrid.