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OOMSOffice of Organization and Management Support (US DOC)
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That is what we will try to do here, by introducing an alternative conceptualization of the political and hence free us from the "false dilemma" Ooms also wants to escape.
For example, contrasts between the scientific knowledge (12/19) of non-OOM women and the traditional knowledge of OOMs (9/15) are evident.
Ooms so illuminates the processes and players orchestrating the creation of the ancient state of Nihon that it seems unfair to fault him for not taking on some broader issues, such as the extent to which this "new state" of antiquity, referred to in passing as a "liturgical" one, stands in relation to other forms of a "state," especially those of modern times (xvii).
In Getting Hurt, Ooms is Viola, married to a photographer arrested for the murder of girls involved in a porno ring.
An intense, claustrophobic drama with psychothriller elements, "Harry's Daughters" is a fine showpiece for actresses Lena Endre and Amanda Ooms as two siblings who increasingly lock themselves in their own separate worlds.
It has become impossible for MSF as an organization to guarantee an acceptable level of security for our staff, be they foreign or Iraqi," says Gorik Ooms, General Director of MSF in Belgium.
Laasgenoemde verhaal handel oor die vier ooms wat per afspraak saam na die radioprogram oor Nefie en oom Kaspaas, die beroemde ou grootprater, luister.
With this in mind Ooms Avenhorn Holding has developed, amongst other materials, Sealoflex, a group of polymer modified products for heavy duty pavements which extends pavement life.
Mr Marc Ooms has decided to resign from the Board of Directors of Barco n.
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